5 Digital Marketing Links For Your Weekend Reading

Friday is a great day for link posts, as opposed to Monday when you likely don’t have time to dig into them.  I haven’t been doing this weekly, but plan to more often share notable conversations, posts and content external of The Future Buzz I’ve been a part of.  As after all, if you dig the content here, you’ll also enjoy what I’m included in around the web. See below for 5 links worth checking out over your weekend:

1.  Best Practices In SEO And Marketing: IMS MN 2010 – my liveblogging of a panel session featuring Alex Bennert – Chief Search Strategist at The Wall Street Journal, Brian Kleisner – Search Engine Marketing Manager for FindLaw and Bill Leake – CEO of Apogee Results at the Integrated Marketing Summit.

2.  7 Common Social Media Marketing Problems and Their SolutionsTopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden liveblogged my session during a recent presentation also at the Integrated Marketing Summit.

3. Web Success – A guide for SMBs – I contributed to a brief guide for SMBs created by Tessa Breneman published in PC Today.

4.  Being yourself onlineLuke Appleby riffs on a continuation of my post on if you please everyone, you’re doing it wrong.

5.  36 Awesome Social Media Blogs Everyone Should Read –  HubSpot lists The Future Buzz at #2 (thanks Kipp Bodnar).

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image credit: cloud3200 via Shutterstock