An Introduction To My Art For Those Who Are New

Many reading this may not know it, but in my free time I am an electronic music artist.  Some people I meet have trouble believing I keep a blog, write music and work for a digital marketing firm, but I do all of those things.  No, I don’t have time for TV.  I frequently sacrifice my social life.  I’m usually working on one of my projects in free time.  But I wouldn’t give any of it up and I’m irrationally committed to all my interests.

Having multiple passions is a beautiful thing.  And since I’m a big believer that interesting results always happen at the intersection, I want to introduce you to some of my music compositions even though this is not my music blog.

But instead of just directing you to download one of my previous albums – I’ve done something special for readers here.  I’ve put together a “best of” compilation of 10 of my favorite compositions from 2004 – 2010.  Some old, some new:

Click here to download – Adam Singer Best Of 2004 – 2010 (free d/l, high quality mp3s)

Track listing:

1.  Clear Day (single)
2.  Up All Night (album:  Drifting)
3.  Paths Cross (album Lifeforce)
4.  An Undiscovered Place (album:  Chord Progressions)
5.  Blue Mana (album:  Gradient Sound)
6.  Bridge The Gap (collaboration between myself & DJ Ghost)  (album:  Illusions)
7.  Follow Me (album:  Gradient Sound)
8.  Drift (album:  Drifting)
9.  Lifeforce (album:  Lifeforce)
10.  Forgotten Lore (album:  Chord Progressions)

I hope you’ll download it and leave some feedback – especially if you are new to my art and/or electronic music in general.

Be sure to subscribe to my music site for updates on new tunes if you don’t want to miss anything.  Also, I never ask this – but if you enjoy this, share it.  My only goal right now with my music is to have it spread (I have no monetization goals  at this time) and I’d love it if you can help.

All songs licensed under a creative commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 license.  This means you can share, remix, use in YouTube videos, etc. – as long as attribution is provided.

(If you’re an artist, be sure to read about my results from sharing my music free under creative commons.  Not only has it allowed me to build a fan base for my art, for it I’ve gotten PR on blogs like Techdirt, Louis Gray, the Creative Commons weblog and many more.  You should consider it, too.)

Image credit:  image credit:  davebluedevil modified under creative commons