12 Digital Music Marketing Posts From The Future Buzz

digital music marketing

The purpose of this blog is to help everyone – from businesses and marketing consultants to artists and bloggers – succeed with spreading ideas online.  Today I thought I’d aggregate some of my favorite music-related posts I’ve written over the years on this blog, especially as they relate to digital music marketing (but also a few to get your creative thinking going).

1.  Social Media And Artists Are A Natural Fit
An introduction for artists to leverage social media to build a fan base and achieve “1,000 true fans“.

2.  A Creative Commons License Is The Ultimate Music Promotion Tool
This post explores results I’ve had as a downtempo electronic music artist publishing my music free under a creative commons license (neat that Techdirt wrote up this story too).

3.  Q-Burns Abstract Message On File Sharing And Music Marketing
The talented Q-Burns shares up some thoughts on how file sharing is beneficial to independent artists.

4.  Digital Is The Master Copy
The truth is that the tangible versions of media are temporary and less useful copies of their digital masters.  You’re paying for the medium, not the message – and there’s no logical reason for that when there are more efficient ways to get (and share) the message.

5. An Experiment In Music Sharing – Social Media Mixtape
This was pretty much an excuse to share share some music I enjoy with readers here.  It’s one of my goals to spread electronic music to new people, as to me it is very much the modern version of classical music (beautiful, inspiring and  misunderstood in its own time).

6. For Music and News Industries, Power is Now With the People
The music and the news industries had to have seen the writing on the wall, and basically decided to ignored it until it was too late.

7. How To Be More Creative
Is being creative something that can be taught?  That’s a question without a simple yes or no answer.  The more I experience in life and grow as an artist and writer the more I try and put into concrete terms what conditions are necessary for the best moments of clarity and inspiration.

8.  How Audio Production Taught Me Self-Discipline
I credit much of my self-discipline I have in all aspects of life to sticking with the process of audio production.  I sacrificed much of my social life to follow creative pursuits, (and still do to this day) but after getting to a point I was able to create the art I envisioned, I didn’t really care.

9. 21 Reasons You Should Make Art
Do you just work in your industry all day but never engage in creative tasks purely for intrinsic reasons?  You’re missing out.  Whether you decide to experiment making music or another form of art, it’s one of the better choices you can make.

10. How To Overcome Writer’s Block – 15 Tips
These tips aren’t just for bloggers – actually, I came up with these tips from the perspective of a writer of both music and words.

11.  Social Media Is Enabling A Digital Renaissance
Independently produced content is rising to the top quicker than the massive industry players can churn out overproduced, unoriginal works.  The content quality of amateur productions is in many cases better than that which is professionally produced, even if the actual production quality is higher.  Passion and authenticity win every time over expensive equipment.

12. If You Can Blog, You Can Write Music
Just as the web has democratized the tools necessary to spread ideas, advances in audio production software have democratized the ability to write, remix and produce your own music. Programs like Ableton Live have turned the creative process of composing music into something relatively straightforward for anyone with a decently powered computer and some imagination.

image credit: nikkytok via Shutterstock