Coverage Of SES San Jose – Days 2 and 3

Just got back into Minneapolis from San Jose, so I wanted to share more of the coverage Jolina Pettice and I have been working on all week to bring tips, trends and presentations from Search Engine Strategies directly to you.  Check out the following sessions to see what the buzz was all about at the highly anticipated 2009 event:

Igniting Viral Campaigns: Leveraging Consumer-Generated Content

Beyond Googling: Where will Customers be Searching in 5 years?

Google on Converting Visitors To Customers

White Hat Vs. Black Hat Social Media

Duplicate Content & Multiple Site Issues

Charlene Li Keynote – Preparing For The Future Of Search

SEO Through Blogs And Feeds

News Search SEO

For a more visual approach, check out a flash puzzle that puts together all the pieces of SES SJ 2009, and brings the theme we’ve been using all week full circle.