42 Marketing Lists From The Future Buzz

Lists continue to be a popular format to publish content to the web, and with good reason.

As I wrote previously, lists:

  • Are scan-able
  • Provide easy to read and consume content
  • Have the novelty factor
  • Are many times “must-share” content
  • Engage people
  • Are at times humorous, entertaining or incredible
  • Are a strong social web meme
  • Get traffic

Since there have been an influx of new subscribes here in the last several months but I haven’t done a highlight post since October 2008, I thought it would be useful to take a look back.  Below are links to every list I’ve published here at The Future Buzz since the inception of this blog in 2007.

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A full listing of all posts including these lists is always available in the archives, which I encourage you to dig through if you’re new here (I make a concerted effort to create content for you that stands the test of time).

image credit:  sunshinecity via flickr