Twitter Insights From The Community

A few days ago, I posted some insights from Twitter and as a next step asked readers to share one.  Today I’m going to share the responses from the Twitter community with you.

Lots of great thinking, and as promised I will highlight my personal favorite 10 first with images and bios.  Do take the time to read through them all though (not just the first 10) as everyone has their own unique and interesting viewpoint.

Also note that:

  • Everyone’s Twitter name is linked to their account, I hope you will connect with those you find interesting.
  • A few people took the time to submit more than one insight, and I included all of them.
  • I didn’t receive 70 responses like I had hoped, but reached close enough (around 60 or so) that I decided it was time to move forward on part two of this.
  • If I took the time to ask my network for responses again, I’m sure I could have gotten the full 70, however I wanted to see the response level I could get with just 2 tweets and 1 blog entry and not re-ping.

Responses from the Twitter community on insights from using the network:

jmarbach:  Twitter is not just a way to tell the world what you had for breakfast.
(Twitter bio: Affiliate marketing. Web 2.0. Social Media)

JanRitter:  Twitter is saying what you mean and meaning what you say.
(Twitter bio: Creative Services Coordinator—ANPI—provider of wholesale long distance, private line transport & broadband access services to ILECs, CLECs & Wireless Ca)

bookpub:  Trust takes time to build. With Twitter, you get to know people slowly, which leads to the development of trusted relationships.
(Twitter bio: publicist,nonfiction book publisher,info junkie,mom,labradoodle lover)

lonelypond:  Conversations matter; serendipity encouraged; similar interests and values attract — the best kind of equation.
(Twitter bio: insomniac music and movie maniac also animator, director, writer, reader, artist.)

carriearmitage:  Even though we’re piled on top of one another on this great planet, we’re still eager to connect, largely with good intentions.
(Twitter bio: Singer Songwriter, Recording Artist, Peace Activist – Current project: ‘it’s up to us..)

BrettRossJ:  Twitter changed the web from ‘I own it’ to ‘hey, share this!’
(Twitter bio: Sr. Online Strategist at WhittmanHart.)

marionvermazen:  Twitter is hard to describe to people who haven’t used it. It doesn’t sound very interesting.
(Twitter bio: I am a renaissance woman working full time to live, to love, to learn, to be useful, and to be interesting.)

DayneShuda:  Short, simple thoughts and insights from blog posts often make the best tweets
(Twitter bio: HunterShare Founder and CEO. I also blog about the business of hunting.)

VMaryAbraham:  The generosity and curiosity of Tweeple is the key to Twitter’s success.
(Twitter bio: Knowledge Manager, KM Blogger, Corporate Lawyer. )

radionowhere:  – twitter is a microniche news aggregator that makes rss feeds look like the shotgun approach
(Twitter bio: songwriter, guitar player, producer, guy who likes to be outside)

BWelford:  Twitter is either social or its media: but it cannot be both at the same time. Broadcast it to followers or beam it to friends.

MyTradeBook:  More than 10 tweets a day about your business is spaming
Twittering is now an essential part of marketing mix and clients demand it from their agencies
People on Twitter can be quite helpful – you can get instant feedback if you ask for it

ChiefHomeOffice:  Twitter: It’s the Next Next Me Too

barbaraling:  Twitter makes coffee taste fresher. #coffeetime

whycohen:  Twits about celebrating one’s POV … without regard or concern for value or exposure or relevance or spelling.

timjahn:  you get what you put in and people get what they deserve.

mariobox:  For people with a lot of followers Twitter can be a fast and cheap way to do research on a topic, project or market.

isayusaymax:  Twitter has a wondeful API so I can post links to multimedia invites, e-cards, polls, & slideshow to my tweets in a few clicks.

waltjones:  Easy isn’t actually easy at all.

vivid13:  what I’ve learned about twitter: there is a world of people out there who also have a strange fascination with bacon & ShamWows

Archit_:  fastest traveling things: light, sound and tweets

chantelnicole: : You can become an armchair scholar on anything you want if you follow the right people.

oz2designs:  (a twitterization of my haiku): Twitter offers space, Adam shouts, “Reveal yourself,” Grant your muse freedom!

danielsidewind:  Most social networks offer several media options to create identity; on Twitter, however, your ideas are your complete identity.

jmjfellowship:  If you cant get your point across to your audience in 140 characters. you probably dont have one.

vivmcw:  Twitter might be global but time zones still rule – tweets aplenty to catch up on every morning replaces the morning newspaper

ImagineLuxury:  Great way for clients to find out where I am in a pinch.

ProfMad72: About Twitter: Verbosity is out and people are now writing concisely and clearly. Good tool to use with students!

nickellinger:  f u r usin shrter non-wrds n phrses 2 shrtn ur twts, u r missin d pt. of condensing thought

jeanmarcthomas:  4 ur 140 blog: tweets travel thru the world within a minute, as long people are awake on the other side

btocher:  Twitter can gather random strangers together in real life in a way that would be impossible without it.

gaspsiagore:  There is an unlimited number of ways to use Twitter; and there is no wrong way.

gradplanner:  retweeting is a measurable version of the web word of mouth
twitter spreads the news in real time as it cuts out the middle men of reporters

BrettRossJ:  Cool. I guess it just seems like everyone wants to be part of the flow of information, and less, “My page must rule” All …
…the more reason that one web ID will be more important as time goes on.

mlgoetz:  on Twitter: Tweets peep where Google can’t see

CatherinVentura: Another one for  Visuals matter: avatars and backgrounds can color how we perceive someone’s tweets
There’s a lot of humor and irony that can be packed into 140 characters

fpodder:  Twitter changed the web from ‘I own it’ to ‘let’s share this!’
The search functionality offers more up to the moment information than Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

sharonljmoore:  Instead of 6 Degrees of Separation from yourself to interesting celebs & funny newspeople, it’s 140…a safe distance.

claudiaciuta:  its easy to connect with people that have the same interets because their attitude is really friendly and open

JennyDeVaughn:  – My Twitter Insight For You – A tweet lasts forever so make it count.

joshfruit:  twitter has enabled rapid growth of grassroots & indie efforts from the political (#teaparty) to musical (@maidavalemusic) & more

ShoeMall:  Before-celebs avoided Paparazzi. Now-celebs put their every move on Twitter. Twitter: Putting Paparazzi out of work since ’06.
Why bother calling your friends, you know everything they do just by reading their Tweets all day long.
What other technology could have so many error messages and a 1202.2% growth rate?

chrismingryan:  Ghost writers on twitter don’t work in 99.9% of cases. But if you happen to be in .1% – admit it freely.

RobinYasinow:  Insight: A silent, one sentence rant can be therapeutic.

Mike_Hoffman:  Twitter proved to me that Zombies are real, and they are attacking.

DayneShuda:  Where else can you follow up-to-the-second thoughts and insights of celebrities, CEOs, Presidents, and other influencers?

EricFriedman:  Everyone can have a voice and join the conversation since the playing field has never been more even

mbjorn:  Twitter offers an easy way to demonstrate compassion.

robsellen:  I have learnt that whales can stay out of water longer than I previously thought. and it only takes a few birds to lift one. odd…

karenkang:  Twitter may have changed how u brand, but u still need a reason for being & u still need to deliver on it 2 B a valued brand.

kimbacon:  I don”t have to shave my legs to socialize.

If you didn’t submit an insight but have one, would love to hear it in the comments.

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