Excitement Vs. Passion

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New blogs, new social networks, new interests, new businesses, new forms of marketing – these are all things that are easy to get excited about.  But excitement is unsustainable and not a reason to get involved in things the way passion is.  Developing passion is not instant and takes true time and dedication that an overwhelming majority will simply not put the effort into.

Honest, unrelenting passion is a rarity in our society and I have witnessed it in very few individuals.  But in those individuals it is absolutely unmistakable, you can literally feel it and it is powerful simply being around them.

I recently wrote a piece on embracing your passions, and over on FriendFeed vjay posed the question to me what I thought the difference between excitement and passion was.  I wrote him a quick response, but I want to go deeper into drawing the line between the terms as I have a personal interpretation of what I view the difference as:

Excitement is novelty, passion is sustainable

Excitement is how you feel when starting something brand new, passion is pouring your soul into it for years

Excitement is starting a new business with the goal of making money, passion is starting a business because you have a vision for your industry

Excitement is fleeting, passion is timeless, can’t be shaken from you and is what you live for

Excitement is the feeling you get at the top of a roller coaster or a night in the city, passion is the love you have of art, of writing, of your partner

Excitement is common, true passion is rare

Excitement is a shallow connection, passion runs deep

Excitement can be visualized in peaks and valleys, passion can be visualized as an infinite plateau

Society conjures excitement at every corner, passion is a precious treasure

Excitement can be synthesized, passion is impossible to artificially reproduce

Excitement can drive you to illogical action, passion never steers you the wrong direction

Excitement is instant, passion is earned

Excitement is contagious, passion is misunderstood

Excitement is at times a deterrent, passion is an enabler

Excitement is plastic, passion is real

Excitement is a function of the reptilian brain, passion lives in the neocortex

Excited people tire easily, passionate people can’t stop

Good brands stir excitement, great brands inspire passion

How do you view the difference between excitement and passion?

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