Social Media Power Users And Influencers: Part 4

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If you are new to this blog and this series, please start by reading social media power users and influencers part 1, part 2 and part 3, as that will provide the full context for this post.

Just to refresh those of you who have been reading along, the main goal of this series is to help you find people using the web in creative and effective ways for positive influence — from the big names to those in the long tail.  The real value for you is to subscribe and follow these people to learn how they successfully use social media to share their ideas.

Valeria Maltoni

Blog: Conversation Agent

Twitter: @ConversationAge

Valeria in brief: Valeria Maltoni helps businesses understand how customers and communities have shifted the world of  marketing/PR/communications – and how to build value in this new environment.  Her blog is recognized among the world’s top online marketing blogs, and she is a Fast Company blogger, a contributor to Marketing Profs Daily Fix, the Blog Herald and Marketing 2.0.  Valeria also frequently speaks on integrating marketing and social media to serve business strategy.

What makes Valeria an influencer: Her blog, Conversation Agent is one of the sharpest blogs around and followed closely by marketing and new media professionals as her advice and insights are a great resource.  She’s also heavily followed on Twitter and FriendFeed.  Valeria is a go-to source for fresh perspectives on marketing and communications, and she works hard to lead the industry in a positive directly.

Best way to connect with Valeria: subscribe to her blog

Steve Rubel

Blog: Micro Persuasion

Twitter: @SteveRubel

Steve in brief: Steve Rubel is a digital marketer with more than 15 years experience.  He helps clients identify key insights, trends and emerging digital platforms that can be applied in marketing programs and concurrently explores these topics (and more) on his popular blog, Micro Persuasion and in a bi-weekly column for AdAge Digital.  Steve has been named to multiple influencer lists, including: The Web Celeb 25, PC Magazine’s 100 Favorite Blogs, Media Magazine’s Media 100, the AlwaysOn/Technorati Open Media 100 and the CNET Blog 100.

What makes Steve an influencer: Steve is an insightful thinker and one of the most respected PR bloggers.  He’s also active (and highly followed) on FriendFeed, Twitter, and numerous other networks where he spends a great deal of time interacting and sharing content.  Steve’s comments frequently spark debates and discussions across the blogosphere, and he’s well known for having strong views on the marketing and media industry.  Even Technorati Top 100 blogs are frequently known to echo Steve’s thoughts.

Best way to connect: subscribe to his blog

Andrew Sorcini (better know as MrBabyMan)

(For those who may not be aware, this is MrBabyMan’s avatar across platforms – he is far better known for this than his picture, so I’m using it instead.)

Blog: TheDrillDown

Twitter: @MrBabyMan

Andrew in brief: Not much is available on Andrew on his own site, however the first graph of a RWW feature on him provides a good introduction:

Andrew Sorcini lives in Los Angeles, works as a film editor for Disney and is the most powerful user that social news site Digg has ever seen. Known at Digg and elsewhere as MrBabyMan, Sorcini has submitted a site-leading 2,400+ stories that have hit the site’s coveted front page. Those front page submissions have delivered an estimated 50 million pageviews to the sites the submissions came from (read more…)

What makes Andrew an influencer: As of writing this, MrBabyMan is still the top Digg user.  There seems to be a split between positive and negative for how Digg users view him, but there is no denying his huge level of influence on the site:

Best way to connect: friend him on digg

Jeremiah Owyang

Blog: Web Strategy By Jeremiah

Twitter: @jowyang

Jeremiah in brief: Jeremiah is Sr Analyst at the renowned Forrester Research where he researches the social computing industry and uses this knowledge concurrently to help clients make the right decisions and author his industry-leading blog on web strategy. His writings/analysis of the social web are always, smart, detailed and thought provoking and it is clear he’s an asset to Forrester, effectively the voice of the company to many web professionals.

What makes Jeremiah an influencer: Thousands turn to Jeremiah for advice and consulting on direction with how to proceed in the social web, and his blog and research are cited frequently across the blogosphere by everyone from A-listers to up-and-coming professionals.   Just how influential is his blog?  See the research here.  He’s also popular on Twitter, FriendFeed and other popular social destinations.

Best way to connect: subscribe to his blog

Louis Gray


Twitter: @louisgray

Louis in brief: Since January of 2001, Louis has worked in corporate marketing at BlueArc, a Silicon Valley technology company in the high performance network storage space.  His focus there is on PR, demand generation and content creation.  His blog, is a platform to express his personal observations on the world of technology, the Web, and innovation.  Louis is also an adviser/consultant for Readburner, a useful service which analyzes what people are sharing with their networks to determine the best content around the Web.

What makes Louis and influencer: Aside from keeping a popular blog, being a marketer by day and consultant for startups, Louis has become one of the leading voices on FriendFeed.  It is there has forged relationships with thousands of people, many of whom are active social media users across platforms.  Louis is a favorite in the early adopter crowd and sets a positive, smart tone for many in social media circles.

Best way to connect with Louis: Follow him on FriendFeed.

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