Why I Write Detailed, In-Depth Posts

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I have received similar questions from several regular readers asking why I write mostly detailed, in-depth posts.  As I have done previously when questions are submitted or I’m tagged in a post, I will address this in an open format here to provide the answer to everyone.

Why do I write long posts?  The reasons are actually rather simple, and perhaps beneficial to consider for your own blog, website, or web brand.

I like to write on topics which lend themselves to lengthier discussions/analysis

Proving points using tangible examples while injecting my experiences into the mix is in many cases a detailed process.  I’m also trying to cover things that may not always have a simple answer because I want to generate discussions and get people thinking.  Sometimes this takes detailed thoughts, graphics or statistics.  That’s okay, because I’d like to engage people that are happy to digest larger pieces of content and may be looking for something other than quick bits.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with quick bits, and people like Tim Jahn and Seth Godin are masters at it.  It’s just not how I usually do things here.

This isn’t a news blog

Once in awhile, I write on a news item relevant to the topics presented here.  But the main point of keeping this blog (and has been since day one) is to share my ideas with the world.  I’ve kept shorter format blogs in the past that frequently covered the news item of the day from my perspective, however I quickly tired of acting as part of the echo chamber.  Many people are talented at covering news from their professional perspective, but that isn’t the purpose of this site.  Plus, there are already enough people covering tech/marketing news quite well, and I feel like that isn’t the best value I can provide you with.

I’m creating referential content for people to link to in order to help others make their points in shorter posts

I see others link here frequently to start off discussions of their own, or merely as a source – suggesting their readers click the link if they’d like to read more details on topic.  That’s something I strive for, I want to be useful to others and enable them to build upon work here from their own perspective.  In fact, all content here is licensed under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial 3.0 license.  In other words, feel free to quote, reference, share or remix, provided you link back here with attribution and the content is for non-commercial purposes.

I’m building a knowledge base for future reference

This is a relatively new blog at just over one year old.  It takes time to build a knowledge base on a subject, and I am covering topics I want to go into great detail with as there is still a gap between those with a deep understanding of the social web and those who are new.  One of my goals with The Future Buzz is to help bridge this gap.  Sometimes that requires me to go into greater details on things you might already know, but someone else is just discovering.  I try to make my content as accessible as possible to people at all skill levels.

Quick ideas/links I share over at Twitter and FriendFeed

The links above will take you to my Twitter and FriendFeed accounts.  In those spaces, I share links, quick ideas, and random thoughts from the marketing/PR industry and glimpses into my other interests in life.  Those networks have replaced my need to post brief bits on any blogs, so feel free to follow me there if you’d like to read my thoughts-in-brief.  As I have written, Twitter and FriendFeed have not killed blogging, however they have replaced my need to create snack-sized posts.

The brand of The Future Buzz I have built is long-format posts and discussions

When visitors come here, they should expect in-depth content.  On one of my other blogs (before starting this one) I posted the idea for what I wanted to do with a blog written from my professional perspective.  In that post I clearly stated I wanted to create a resource of unrestricted thoughts and ideas on web marketing, public relations and creating buzz online.  The format of detailed posts was my vision for this site, and I have stayed true to that.

We live in an insanely busy culture of short attention spans and over-summarized thoughts

Perhaps I am going against the grain of brevity on purpose.  I give bloggers and blog readers a lot of credit and think they are able to handle drawn out ideas and deeper content.  If you’re like me, you’re just itching for deeper content, as the brevity and lack of credit given to our attention spans and intelligence by the media is frustrating.  That is why I find blogs like DoshDosh, Louis Gray, Smashing Magazine, TopRank and Twist Image so compelling.  They tell the whole story, and frequently write flagship content.

I don’t need to write short link posts here to help you find compelling material

Maybe you’ve caught on – every post on this blog is a link post.  And, instead of providing you a random link post about what I’m reading each week, I manually scour the web for links that relate to the content of each post and include a related links section at the bottom.  This way, if you’d like to read further about a topic I have written on, the links are right there, in context.  I think it makes more sense to tie each of your posts to other complementary or supplementary posts on other blogs than to do stand-alone link posts.  I know some bloggers like to do link posts, but for me, Twitter/FriendFeed/StumbleUpon/Digg/Reddit killed the link blog star.

RSS makes it easy to read when you’re ready

If you are reading this through your web browser, that’s fine and I’m sure you’re appreciating Vinh’s beautiful, clean design work.  But realize you can easily subscribe using RSS and get this content automatically via your reader of choice.  Not sure how to do that?  No problem – just enter your email address in the prompt bar at the top right of the sidebar (or below any post) and you’ll get updates via email.  You will never receieve spam from me, and I do not share your email address.  Subscribing and reading at your convenience is the only way to stay on top of multiple blogs.

With all of that said…

There is no right or wrong way to use the blogging platform, it is whatever you want it to be.  And, I am not at all against sharing shorter, pithy thoughts.  Some of my posts are more terse than others (see this one for example).  However if you’re looking for frequent, short burts, you won’t find that here.  Tom Peters is great at it, but that’s not me.  I’d rather spend time focused and provide you detailed, in-depth content.

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