14 Reasons To Have A Web Guru On Your Team

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The web has fast become the most efficient tool for building interactions and relationships between the world and your business. No matter if you are a national brand or a fresh startup, using the web successfully is vital to your success. It is the ultimate marketing tool, we know this – however integrating it with your business model itself can prove an even greater opportunity.

This speaks to the importance of having someone on your team, in house that is a web guru and social media evangelist.  Let’s go through 14 reasons why this is so vital:

1)  Ongoing education for all your team members

Something important for organizations globally is educating team members on what is possible using the web, as building your brand online is a team effort.  The right person on your staff will feed your team members all the right information on what they need to know to stay at the edge of your industry.

2)  Deep understanding of how people interact and how ideas spread online

People who spend the most time on the web have an innate, natural understanding of the space.  They can help you create communications, products and ideas that succeed in breaking through the clutter.

3)  Knowledge of usability

An experienced web pro knows the ins and outs of the most successful websites, and can translate the refined levels of usability developed on them to all of your web properties to help optimize conversions.

4)  Keeping your business at the edge, following trends

No longer fear that your business is missing out on new opportunities in the digital space, the right team member finds it infinitely interesting to stay at the edge and will keep pace with all developments and trends within your industry.  They will keep your business not only looking fresh and hip, but ahead of the curve in ways that are actually useful, not just flashy.

5)  Hiring the right partners and external agencies

Having a web guru on staff does not replace the efforts of external agencies in marketing, SEO, public relations, or web design, however they will be able to communicate your businesses needs properly to these people.  They will also work seamlessly with external agencies as everyone will speak the same language.  Your team will move ultra-fast when initiating new online strategies if the right, experienced person internally can be trusted and given control to execute directly with your businesses partners.

6)  Unlocking potential models that are disruptive to your industry before competitors see them

Only someone with an intimate understanding of the space will look beyond the obvious and see potential opportunities to push your business ahead of the curve.  Uncovering a model that disrupts your industry can be a massive opportunity you cannot afford to miss.  External agencies, unless given complete access to your entire business, may not have enough information to suggest new models to you.  A web guru on your team may come up with an innovative idea that reshapes your entire industry – with your business as the leader.

7)  Work relentlessly on your brand in social media

Having someone internal to take ownership of your brand in social media is vital.  You can outsource pieces of this if you have to, but having a social web expert on staff allows one person to manage this closely and advance your reputation and reach daily.

8)  Daily traffic monitoring, SEO opportunities and analytics audits

The right professional will be checking your analytics daily, managing addition of fresh content and identifying new opportunities to boost your visibility in search.

9)  Management of your company blog

Knowing how to build your brand successfully in the blogosphere is vital to growing your web presence.  The right person managing your blog can do wonders to draw you traffic, interest and build your following.

10)  Keeping security tight

Keeping your web properties safe from hackers is also important, especially if you are looking to grow your business on the web.  If a hacker is able to inject malicious code into your site, something you might never even be aware of, you could be penalized for years to come in search engines.

11)  Getting your office using Firefox and other secure tools

Along with security for your web properties, ensuring network security (while generally the duty of your IT staff) can be supplemented by having a web expert on staff.  They’ll quickly notice where the potential security breaches can occur and tighten things up.

12)  Keeping an eye on the competition

Web professionals thrive on information.  And, as a team member, they will keep a close eye on what your competition is doing on the web, what phrases they are ranking for, and if they are taking advantage of opportunities you’re not.

13)  Represent your brand properly in social media

The right staff member understands the unwritten rules of social media and how to enter the space in a way that makes sense for your brand.  Entering social media the wrong way can prove deadly, or alternatively you could be ignored altogether – neither of which showcase your brand in a positive light.

14)  Understanding of popular culture on the web

Web culture isn’t something that can be taught.  The only way to learn this is to experience it firsthand.  The right web guru on your staff not only will understand, they will see clearly how to adapt your brand and business into popular culture online.

The right person on your team is a huge key to success for your business or brand in getting the most from the web.  They can work with your external agencies and align everyone’s efforts so you can get the best results.  They can help your business deliver web-based solutions that actually make a difference to your customers and clients.  They can help bridge your internal staff’s digital divide.

Thinking about hiring someone to lead your team down the right path?  Consider asking some of the questions I posed in my article on how to choose an online marketing or PR agency, adapted for an individual, of course.


The companies that are succeeding in leveraging the social web successfully certainly have at least one person who embraces the web both personally and professionally on their team.  You may already have the right person on staff, and they just need to be empowered.  Alternatively, you might even be able to inspire someone already on your team to begin learning the space.  Going external of your team and bringing in a fresh web professional can work too, especially since you may get someone with a different perspective.

The bottom line is this:  getting someone on board who is a proven success at using the web will give you the edge in your industry.

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