Social Media Power Users And Influencers – Part 3

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Documenting power users and influencers in social media has been a lot of fun so far, and I am glad to be writing part 3 in this series.

What I am not trying to do is “rank” these people in numbered lists, as that is the antithesis of what I hope you will learn from these posts.  Instead, these are people who are using social communications tools in exciting and positive ways – people who you should follow and study to learn how they share ideas and what makes them ultra-successful communicators.

Also, instead of compiling one comprehensive, tremendous list with just a line or two about each person, I am presenting just a few at a time and in greater detail to help introduce them to you in a more useful format.

If you’re new here, please start by reading the first two parts as they provide the full context for this series:

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Now that you’re caught up, let’s get into part 3:

Lee Odden

Blog: TopRankBlog

Twitter: @leeodden

Lee in brief: Lee is CEO of TopRank Marketing, a digital marketing and public relations agency based in Minnesota.  He also blogs about the intersection of search, social and PR at Online Marketing Blog. Besides working with companies including NWA, McKesson and Cision, Lee is an active participant on the social web consuming and publishing information, making connections between people and resources, working with a respected team at TopRank Marketing and generally appreciating the opportunity to work at something he really enjoys doing.

What makes Lee an influencer: TopRank Marketing is very active in the social media world promoting best practices, strategies and tactics through speaking at DMA, PRSA, Blog World and Search Engine Strategies conferences. TopRank has been cited for digital marketing and PR expertise by The Economist, Fortune and eWeek, contributes articles to MediaPost, iMedia Connection and Target Marketing and has a chapter featured in the book, “Online Marketing Heroes” published by Wiley. TopRank Marketing is also active with industry associations including DMA, PRSA, SEMPO, Web Analytics Association and MIMA.  Lee’s blog is also one of the clear leaders in the online marketing space with more than 12,000 RSS readers and referenced by other marketing bloggers daily as a font of information.

Best way to connect with Lee: subscribe to his blog

Jason Falls

Blog: Social Media Explorer

Twitter: @jasonfalls

Jason in brief: Jason Falls is a social media strategist for an advertising agency, but is passionate about teaching brands how to behave appropriately in social media efforts. A public relations professional by trade, Falls started blogging personally in 1998, was an early adopter of social networking tools and now shares his experiences and opinions on his award-winning blog, hyperactive Twitter stream and in public speaking engagements and presentations everywhere.  Jason also serves as one of the Social Media Club’s interim Board of Directors and is actively involved in the club, co-founder of the chapter in Louisville and proactively teach groups about social media.

What makes Jason an influencer: Jason burst onto the social media scene in late 2007 and in just a year built Social Media Explorer into an Advertising Age top 100 marketing blog, went from conference attendee to conference speaker and is one of the most well-respected bloggers and social media thinkers in the U.S. The reason? He genuinely enjoys sharing good content, igniting conversations and growing his circle of friends.

Best way to connect with Jason:  subscribe to his blog


Blog: DoshDosh

Twitter: @doshdosh

Maki in brief: Maki is a Philosophy student in Toronto, Canada.  His personal interests revolve around indie rock music, anime, photography, art films, internet media and really good literature. He has worked as a freelance journalist and previously spent some time in various PR and marketing firms.  Maki’s professional interests lie in online marketing, social media, blogging and web monetization.

What makes Maki an influencer: Maki writes one of the most influential and thought-provoking blogs on the web in the niche of internet marketing, blogging tips, and social media strategies.  More than 20,000 people subscribe to his feed, and he attracts an array of web and marketing professionals as readers.  Maki also is a prolific submitter of content to Digg, and is one of the leaders of the community having made well over 1,500 stories popular – so he not only writes on social media, he uses it successfully too.

Best way to connect with Maki: subscribe to his blog

Darren Rowse

Blog: ProBlogger

Twitter: @problogger

Darren in brief: Darren Rowse is a full time blogger making a living from this new and dynamic medium from blogs like Digital Photography School.  Back in 2002 he stumbled upon an article about ‘Blogging’.   Darren didn’t realize it at the time but that moment changed his life. Since then he has become a full time blogger, has blogged on over 20 blogs and co-founded the b5media blog network.  Darren also recently launched a brand new blog, TwiTip, Twitter tips for beginners.

What makes Darren an influencer: Darren writes one of the most resourceful blogs in the world and provides useful advice to experienced and new bloggers alike.  With more than 60,000 subscribers and growing daily, ProBlogger is a definitive source of information for everyone interested in learning more about blogging.  Darren has devoted his life to helping bloggers and his passion is obvious when you read his blog or interact with him.

Best way to connect with Darren: subscribe to his blog

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