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This isn’t really a secret, but in case you haven’t heard – bloggers love links.  Not purely for SEO reasons, we dig links because they are recognition.  And, used properly, they can inspire us to action.

Got a startup?  See how you can integrate linking out to bloggers as part of your model.  If your startup is compelling, that may be all you need to get the ball rolling.

New product launch?  Linking can bring the attention of what you’re doing directly to people who write on products in your niche.

PR or marketing campaign?  Linking out is potentially a far more effective strategy than pitching.  It’s pull vs. push, and push doesn’t work in the social web.

During the java beta test for example, I received an abundance of emails from bloggers not only about how they were jazzed with the free java, but also they appreciated the fact that we were linking to them.  It was a nice built-in part of the campaign and fit in naturally with what we were doing.  It wasn’t done as an ‘add on’, it was a crucial part of the design.

Now, linking out without a strategy won’t accomplish much.  That’s merely a quick way to get the attention of a single person or group of people who probably won’t react.  The bigger opportunity is to integrate linking as a built-in part of your product, service, e-commcerce site, or marketing campaign in a way that is worthwhile to users and fits logically with what you’re doing.

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