The Future Buzz Finally Gets A New Design (And A Quick Update)

image credit:  swisscan

Due to recently spending some time editing a few of my other sites, I came to the conclusion that I was overdue to get a fresh look here.  Email and RSS users, if you’d like to see the new design, click through to check it out.

After carefully looking at my old theme, I decided to go for something simple, as the more I thought about it the more I realized my sidebar was simply presenting too much content.  Less is definitely more, and I already like the look of things here better.  The old theme (thanks Daniel at DailyBlogTips) served me well for about a year, but it definitely was time for something new.

I spent the day browsing through “premium WP themes” although I could not find one I liked as much as a theme that was actually free to modify from Vinh at BlogDesignBlog.  The premium themes I went through still mostly suffered from trying to do too much.

This is absolutely a work in progress, there are a few minor things I need to work out, plus I want to modify some of the design elements more, but making changes as you go is part of the fun.  Hope you dig the new look.

Also a quick update: if you’re in Florida I will be presenting this Wednesday, October 29th along with Alex de Carvalho and Michael Montgomery for Miami’s web and new media community, Refresh Miami at Yahoo! Hispanic Americas.  You can RSVP on facebook.

I will present on a social media marketing campaign I created for Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company, where more than 1,500 bloggers signed up for a “java beta test” (read my case study here). Incorporating feedback from the blogosphere, Joffrey’s then went on to produce a crowdsourced blend of java aptly named Coffee 2.0 (named by one of the bloggers, Eric Friedman).  I plan to go through the highlights of the campaign, why bloggers were buzzing (literally and figuratively) and speak on the power of niche marketing in social media.

Afterward, I’ll add a slideshare of the presentation here so you can check it out too.