A Secret Of The Social Web: Passion

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What most online marketing lacks…

In the frenzy of marketers drowning the web in their ultra-proofed and overly refined messages, there is something that is severely lacking:  passion.  And, passion is the largest driver motivating people to produce, share and remix content online.

What motivates someone to share her recipes with the world every day?  What motivates a tech blogger to write about the latest gadget?  What motivates a web guru to talk about the latest startup or e-commerce site?  Simple – it is pure and raw passion for the subject matter.

If your marketing, your product, your blog or your brand lack passion, you will never break through the noise online.  It doesn’t matter how proofed your communications are, the people using the web with greatest frequency are extremely smart and will see through the fluff, or ignore it altogether (although creativity and quality do matter, too).

If the web is great at doing one thing it is this:  ignoring you.  Let’s be honest here too – most messages put out on the web by marketers and businesses are completely ignored.

Taking mass-media tactics online is destined for failure

Here is how I see it.  Yes, you can create a neat banner people might click, or an amazing video that gets a million views (if you’re lucky).  But what you are achieving here is 1-off results.  In other words, you are not building any kind of lasting relationship with people, you’re merely holding their attention for a few seconds which might lead to an interaction later on.

Instead of this, what if you took the time and effort to prove your passion to the world in a creative way.  Create an interaction first, and start a relationship with people up front in a manner which demonstrates your passion beyond any of your competitors.

This not only gets you noticed, but also lays the groundwork for deeper, more meaningful, and continued interactions.  In time, this forges relationships with people who not only will talk about you but will want to share what you’re doing with others because it’s just that remarkable.

The active, hyper-connected web users are an intellectual, passionate group.  These people, the ones you’re dying to get talking about you and sharing your product/business/blog/music with the world only want to connect with people/ideas/products that share their passion and build meaningful, fulfilling and creative connections.

The bloggers, businesses and artists that share honest passion with the world (you can’t fake this, by the way) while forging deep, personal connections will be the long term winners, not the ones who treat the web like an impersonal mass-market.

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