50 Stunning Images From Flickr Under Creative Commons

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The Future Buzz is about helping everyone – not purely bloggers, marketers or businesses, creative buzz online.  In fact, one of my most viewed posts was how artists and social media are a natural fit.

You’ll notice in many of my posts I use stunning images that I find inspiring.  The reason I am able to share these with you is because they are all under a Creative Commons license.

The photographers who release photos under a CC license all recognize the value in putting some of their images out in a format that allows bloggers, artists and other content producers to share and remix their work as long as attribution is included.

And, the original creators get massive, free exposure and publicity for their work and their names all over the web.  These artists understand that it doesn’t matter where their work is displayed, so long as whoever is using the content provides a link back and assigns proper attribution.  If a person viewing the art really liked it and wanted to work with the photographer, they would easily be able to find her.  It’s a win for everyone.

If you’re a photographer it is a big missed opportunity if you aren’t putting at least some of your work out under a CC license for a chance to have it shared with the world.

The quality of photos I’ve seen being put out under creative commons are absolutely amazing, which was the inspiration for this post.  The only common theme for these is that I found them to be remarkable, and they are all under the Creative Commons license.  I added a quote from the photo description where available under each photo.

50 Stunning Images From Flickr (under Creative Commons licenses):

The Widowmaker
image credit:  aussiegall

“Taken at the site of the Cowra Prisioner of War Camp.I had a go at fake HDR just for something different”

Mountain Trail
image credit:  a4gpa

“Picture taken on mountain trail in Provo Canyon, UT”

Tree of Light
image credit:  jphilipson

“Like this? Check out my website PhilipsonPhotography.com

Walk to infinity
image credit:  lightknight

Rain Drop
image credit:  play4smee

“Just a drop of rain clinging to a leaf. But it’s a wonderful sight to those of us who have been in a drought for the last few years.”

Orders of Infinity
image credit:  zachstern

image credit:  flyzipper

“Draw a line
More is less is minimal
Form, earth, life
Decide something less decisional
Light and shade
Time and space”

image credit:  kompott

Arabian Night
image credit:  creativesam

Fishing boats
image credit:  santimb

“Cudillero, Asturias (Spain).”

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
image credit:  matt.hintsa

“Beachgoers at St. Maarten’s Maho Beach get a rush as Air France flight 488 from Paris (operated by an Airbus A340-300) passes over their heads before touching down on runway 09 at Princess Juliana International Airport on Friday, March 21st, 2008.”

The tree that refused to believe it was winter
image credit:  EJP photo

At the lights
image credit:  petecarr

“I went wandering around Liverpool the other night at sunset looking for interesting angles. I’ve never really found a way to take an interesting photo from this side of the Liver Building as the light isn’t really right at sunset but that night it was perfect. I was in an odd mood for fitting odd objects in between buildings and the lights perfect sat in between these two. Naturally some guy shouted something from his car since I was standing at a crazy angle taking what appeared to be a photo of the traffic lights. Such is life. Still, I got a photo I’m happy with so ner.”

inside the light bulb
image credit:  pakyuZ

“blue “natural light” bulb”

CD + light = colors
image credit:  nguyendai

“Just play with my CD & the light :-)”

The Long Hot Summer continues…The weather man says it’s raining…
image credit:  law kevin

“Red lights turn Green, end of the Street – Elephant and Castle ~ London, England – Saturday August 9th 2008.”

localized rain
image credit:  mwboeckmann

“Ostholstein, Germany Mar 17, 2008”

~The Real Action~
image credit:  KhayaL

“Mauritius Island – 2003
One of my best pictures! :) and I am very proud of it. “

City Hall Building
image credit:  hkmpua

“City Hall Building, Central, Hong Kong
Nikon D200 + Nikkor 20mm f/2.8D”

weekend inspiration
image credit:  muha….

Storm sunset
image credit:  victor nuno

“It rains in Madrid! Well …, sometimes. And when it does so, it’s as if it is not only rain, but colors what is falling and what these storm brings. I just love it.”

Autumn Poem!
image credit:  dennis collette

Bryggen reflection
image credit:  today is a good day

“The reflections looked every bit as good as the old wooden buildings of bryggen themselves!”

The edge of the storm
image credit:  slack12

“A storm approaches over the beautiful waters off Rum Point, Grand Cayman.”

image credit:  jim moran

“I know everyman and his dog says “best viewed large“, but honestly, this really is. :o)
It smells really good with a glass of Red Wine too. Mmmm.”

her world
image credit:  zachstern

Santiago Fire
image credit:  caesar sebastian

“This is my neighborhood. The firefighters made their stand in our Neigborhood and fought the fire from a couple of homes down. You dont wanna be in this situation. Our neighborhood was saved.”

Sunset at the Beach
image credit:  ms4jah

“It was a beautiful gorgeous sunset, with the crescent moon. I’m so happy the the bright colors actually showed in the picture.”

ghost train
image credit:  nj dodge

“revisited long exposure shot, although this time I remembered to include a train. let’s just say I connected a few dots with regard to the approach here based on taking the prior shot two nights ago. – westfield, nj”

Rainforest Trail
image credit:  scottwills

sailing across the blue ocean
image credit:  eyesplash mikul

The Icy Pit to Hell
image credit:  stuck in customs

“I thought Kiev was the slipperiest place on the planet until I visited Gullfoss, this super-slick waterfall in Iceland. The ice itself was as hard as concrete, and it was covered with a fine waterfall mist, which did not add to the friction, to say the least!”

The wave ZOOM
image credit:  afsilva

“Having fun with The wave shot.”

Drowning off of Thoughts
image credit:  TeeJe

image credit:  night86mare

The Sun Sets on Chateau de Chillon
image credit:  pear biter

“While a storm brews over Lausanne”

image credit:  cijmyjune

“first part of a series of photos taken with a fisheye and an olympus om-2 (a camera way back from the 70’ies). also the first part of fourteen (more or less) photos taken during my holidays!”

Chocolate Hills – F0044
image credit:  thehouekeeper

“One of Philippines’ many natural wonders in the Province of Bohol.”

wham:  a different corner
image credit:  visualpanic

“Cala Macarelleta (Menorca), agost 2006.”

green prospect
image credit:  marcus vegas

Golden Gate HDR
image credit:  vgm8383

“An HDR version of the Golden Gate Bridge during a break in a 3 day storm that hit San Francisco. The orignal, non-HDR version is here: flickr.com/photos/vgm8383/2371865686/

Urban Solitude
image credit:  gianni d.

Eyes too expressive to be blue
image credit:  nattu

“Eyes too expressive to be blue, / Too lovely to be grey.”
“Where did you get your eyes so blue? / Out of the sky as I came through.”
“Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again”
“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true”
Location: K.Huraa / Maldives

Sunny Side Up
image credit:  code poet

“Taken at the Lexington Arboretum, Lexington, KY.”

Standing At The End
image credit:  southern heart

Utah Sunset -Zion
image credit:  Timothy K. Hamilton

“I didn’t miss a single sunset during our 11-day trip to southern Utah. This sunset was one of the most dramatic. Taken on the Kolob canyon road, just west of Zion national Park, at sunset, of course.”

Dusk at the bluebell wood
image credit:  today is a good day

“A 3 second exposure just as the sun was dropping below the horizo – brought out the greens and the blues well, and also that soft gloden glow on the trees.”

Cloudy Triund
image credit:  sanyam

“This is Triund.
At 2900 Mts above sea level,
9 kms away from Indrahaar pass, Southern Himalayan Range (Dhauladhar Range).
There is no electricity here but just some solar battery panels. The only food available was Maggi and Rice.
No motorable road from McLeod Gunj to Triund which is 9 kms away and 1200 mts high.
Only 2 sheds which can provide shelter at night other than the tea/snack shaks.”

PhotonQ-Beauty on the Horizon of Complexity
image credit:  photonquantique

“Two emerging complexities, fusionning into beauty. The first one, the Dandelion Clock is from biology. The second one, the “Artificial Blue structure ” is from “The Horizon Project”. The biggest Large scale simulation of the UNIVERSE.”

Potomac at Night
image credit:  ehpien

“Taken on the banks of the Potomac River, close to the FDR Memorial. The view is towards Arlington Virginia. Planes are landing at Regan Washington National Airport. Seen in large, you can see the stars. Also, on the hill you can see the Custis Lee Mansion of Arlington. “

How to find creative commons photos from flickr:

Simply do an advanced search on Flickr and be sure to check this box:

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