Crowdsourced Java: Joffrey’s Coffee 2.0 Inspired By 1,500 Beta Testers

First up, full disclosure:  Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company is a client of mine…

With that said – previously I wrote a case study on building buzz in the blogosphere regarding a viral campaign I implemented for Joffrey’s called “Joffrey’s Java Beta Test”.  With the help of Wake Interactive for web design(they do fantastic work by the way, I cannot speak highly enough of them), we were able to make a lot of people happy and bring together a plethora of bloggers for something really fun.

Some highlights from the beta test were:

  • 1500+ blogs participating
  • Thousands of mentions for the campaign throughout the Web
  • Hundreds of links to the beta site and to
  • Nice spike in traffic to
  • Hundreds of comments, responses and feedback from bloggers and the Web community
  • Coverage on 150+ blogs, including Technorati top 100 sites.
  • Coverage by traditional media including Entrepreneur Magazine (I’m still buzzing that in the article Chris Alden, CEO of Six Apart, called the beta test a great idea – if you’re reading this – thanks Chris, that means a lot)

Well, building upon the success and buzz of this campaign and the incredibly positive response of the blogosphere and web community, we took the feedback from bloggers into consideration and took it a step further.

During the beta test, an open-ended question asked bloggers: “If you could create a new flavor of coffee, what would it be?”  The most popular answers were some incantation of a highly caffeinated, extra strong, bold blend of coffee, which inspired Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company to create a new energized blend.  But, what to name it?  One clever blogger:  Eric Friedman, who blogs at, submitted the suggestion “Coffee 2.0,” and the name stuck.

Image of Coffee 2.0 one full pound bag:

coffee 2.0

Check out the product yourself at:

Joffrey’s Coffee 2.0 java update includes:
•    Feedback incorporated from 1,500+ bloggers
•    Upgraded flavor and taste featuring smooth caramel and smoky overtones
•    Increased focus power for less distraction
•    Faster, more efficient mental processing
•    Amplified energy for blogging, coding or gaming output
•    Regular drip coffee and espresso capabilities

As a thank you to the blogosphere for inspiring a new flavor, we recently shipped 1,000 US beta testers a sample along with the following flyer.  Can you guess what the inspiration for the flyer design was?

Oh, and the java…it’s delicious.  Don’t take my word for it though, read what the web is saying.

Check out PR Week’s wrap up of the campaign.

Also be sure to view the SlideShare presentation of this campaign.

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