Shouldn’t SEOs Rank Well? Shouldn’t Web Pros Blog?

Agencies or people that offer SEO services, yet don’t rank well in search engines for key phrases or receive much, if any traffic.

Web professionals who you Google and find they don’t have their own blog and a large digital footprint.

Marketing companies or individuals that do blog, but don’t inspire traffic, links or comments on their site.

Are you weary of these things?  I certainly am.

What chance does a company or person that can’t deliver real results for themselves have of delivering real results for you?

SEO companies that produce results

If you advertise your business as an SEO company or offer SEO services, your own web properties need to be optimized, rank well and draw organic traffic.  I don’t see how you can possibly prove yourself otherwise.  Sure you can show client results, but those with the strongest understanding of the platform know the power of doing it for themselves too.  This speaks to their deeper understanding of the web.

Marketers that are passionate web professionals produce results

If you want a talented web marketer as a team member and are looking at applicants, Google their name and see if their blog comes up on page 1 for it.

If you are serious in looking for a marketer who understands the web you should only consider those who blog or are proven social media power users.

Really it makes no sense anymore not to, these are the people that are actually in the conversation and know how to connect the dots for your brand or your clients on the web.

In fact, if I was starting a marketing team today, a requirement of being on my team would be to have a blog on something.  It doesn’t even have to be marketing, just prove you are passionate about the platform and understand it.

It’s analogous to hiring a chef for a gourmet restaurant who doesn’t cook at home (the best chefs love to cook for themselves, it is a joy, and this is when they come up with some of their most creative recipes).

What are your thoughts?

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