The Social Web: The Ultimate Scratchpad For Passionate Communications Professionals

image credit: csb13 via flickr

As you’re already well aware, the social web is the most efficient and useful tool the world has seen for sharing messages, insights, music, videos, information — whatever you want.

You certainly are a consumer of the conversations and interactions on the web daily. You’re reading this blog post aren’t you?

But if you’re a communications professional and not a contributor on a deep level, you’re missing out on something huge. You are turning your back on a scratchpad that is so unbelievably powerful, if you saw the results from the eyes of the contributer you’d wonder why you waited so long to actually dive in.

Breaking it down as simple as possible, by having a blog or being a power-user on social media site, you have the power to experiment with how ideas, messages and information react with massive audiences daily. You can test your messages, your friends messages, messages from journalists – anything you want – bounced off countless smart, talented individuals, see if they spread or fall flat, and see what the reactions are, all with relative ease. And all pretty quickly too!

No previous generation of communicators has had open and unrestricted access to such a powerful network to experiment with daily. Communications is an ever-evolving field, as the messages that resonate strongest are in constant flux due to changes in society and movement of generations.

Part of being successful is understanding how people communicate and deeply absorb ideas. There are undercurrents that exist behind everyone’s communications, actions and reactions to all stimulus. Having a basic understanding of psychology and sociology proves invaluable in deconstructing the world around you and understanding the communication undercurrents.

But, the best way to learn this isn’t merely by studying psychology and sociology as a passive observer – the best way is to dive right into it and experiment. Most communications professionals probably do this in their social lives to some degree (whether they’re conscious of it or not), but unfortunately you only get a small sample size for your messages. To get good results, you have to tap larger, more diverse numbers.

What the web enables is an unrestricted way to experiment with messages and information across demographics, across niches, across time and across distance to sharpen your skills at creating communications that stick.

The scratchpad is here, open, unrestricted and raw. It’s a lot of fun too.

If your success on this planet depends on the ability for you to create ideas that resonate and spread, by not getting involved you miss out on the absolute best tool to sharpen your skills.

Concurrently, you’ll make some great connections with intelligent, inspirational people you’d otherwise miss out on knowing.

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