The Internet is a Communications Medium, Not a Broadcast Medium

Treating the web like you treat the rest of the one-way media outlets as a PR person or marketer is dangerous. It isn’t a broadcast medium, it is a communications medium. It’s a two way street. That’s why banner ads are so ineffective and search ads are so effective.

Search ads require input from the user to be shown, and when done right they are something the user is directly looking for. Banner ads, while they can be targeted, are never quite as effective because we’ve learned to tune them out, just as we tune them out reading a magazine or newspaper.

Of course, even more effective than search and display ads, is finding ways to be a part of the organic conversation and contribute positively as a blogger, marketer or anyone who wants to be heard.  That’s pretty much what I try to help you do here.

I wrote the other day on how newspapers still have much to learn about the web and it generated some great discussion both here and on Digg. Let me be clear, I think there is absolutely room for newspapers in the future and they will certainly exist. If you’re interested in reading more on how to build a better content model for your site, check out this article on DoshDosh – a fantastic read.

There has been a paradigm shift in the way news is consumed and the future is already here now, just in isolated pockets. If you’re reading this through RSS, you’ve just seen the first step. It is going to go much further, the technology is still nascent. But RSS and other razor-sharp methods of getting information are spreading rapidly across the globe and creating new opportunities for everyone to have a voice and spread ideas.

The best part is we’re all part of a massive, global, ongoing conversation which gives everyone a chance t contribute. It’s an exciting time to be a journalist, writer, communicator, marketer or anyone looking to make their voice heard.