Make Your Blog’s Content Accessible

No doubt, if you’re a serious blogger, you’re an expert (or aspiring expert) at the subjects you’re writing on. While blogging is definitely a learning experience for both writer and reader, the best blogs are written by leaders with strong minds in their fields.

It’s easy to write thinking that your readers already know everything you understand, the problem is that not all of them will, especially those who stumble upon your site through social media. You definitely should never dumb down your content or ideas, and you can assume your readership has at least a basic grasp of what you’re writing about. But, I find that the most popular and readable blogs don’t necessary go too deep into technical jargon, they actually use clear, easy to understand words and examples.

Ultimately your blog is whatever you want it to be, that’s true. But if you want to develop a popular site and expand your influence, you need to write your articles with both the expert and the novice in mind.

Sometimes, writing for new people is as enjoyable as writing for those already versed, especially if they are not only new to the subject you’re writing on but are passionate and eager to learn.

That new blood by a passionate person may end up giving you new inspiration and motivation. You can help open up new doors for them and offer feedback and constructive criticism if they ask for your opinion. But, if your content isn’t accessible in the first place, you may never get that chance.

This completely parallels my experience as someone who produces music. I had established a decent level of proficiency with writing music, and was getting to a place where I was finally making headway. While that was happening, someone reached out to me who was also interested in learning to make his own music (he was already experimenting with it, he just wanted to work with someone else to learn more).

He was clearly passionate about it and sought me out on his own. So, I had no problem helping him, giving him pointers, and showing him the technical aspects of music production (he is already incredibly talented creatively). Just a few short years later, the quality of his productions are far beyond mine, and in fact I am learning from him.

I’ve helped out bloggers as well, and it is just so amazing to see the results in action. Danielle Bullard initially approached me years ago with some questions about blogging and how she could get started. She was already an experienced writer, and was highly interested in learning about and getting involved in this new and exciting digital medium.

I was happy to help, and hosted her first site for her with the condition that she had to stick with it. Now, in addition to her personal blog, she is freelance writer and co-owner of Priceless Writers – “a premier writing service providing unique content for professionals around the world.” Absolutely amazing to see the results of spending time to help out people that you never knew before. Her success is due entirely to her own passion and effort, but I hope that in some small way I helped her learn the basics and get her start.

To me, this is one of the best and most rewarding reasons to be involved in the social web.