Why Doesn’t Technorati Step It Up?

Technorati, in case you’re unfamiliar, is the ultimate blog search, directory and ranking site. They have created the ranking system for the blogosphere, and to be in the illustrious Technorati top 100 is to be known as one of the influencers of the Internet.

Technorati current tracks 112.8 million blogs and more than 250 million pieces of tagged social media. They also “rank” bloggers based on authority, defined by “the number of blogs linking to a website in the last six months. The higher the number, the more Technorati Authority the blog has.”

The site is useful for such things as:

  • Bloggers to find and network with other bloggers
  • People to find blogs on any particular topic
  • Marketers to find out who has authority and influence in the blogosphere
  • See discussions, topics and trends in the blogosphere

But the site has essentially remained unchanged since I registered my first blog on it years ago, and has failed to incorporate some interesting elements that could make it even more useful. It also frequently crashes, has lots of downtime, and has more than once put my search to an error page.

In fact, in writing this post I could not access the blogging directory for further dissection:

Yes, I know web apps are usually a work in progress, but you would think a site like Technorati would step it up and really make their site the destination for bloggers and people looking for blogs to read. Here is my wishlist for Technorati, I am sure many other bloggers and marketers would love to see these elements incorporated into newer versions:

  • Sort-able search results (I’d like to be able to sort a search of blogs or topics by authority, for example)
  • Customized, deep search options (search for blogs with a minimum amount of posts, authority, time blogging, etc)
  • A better, more usable blog directory
  • Filter out the spam-blogs (aka splogs) – seriously this is a big issue with Technorati lately
  • Create an up-and-coming section to showcase new bloggers and not just the same guys in the Technorati top 100
  • Faster servers
  • Less site crashes

I’m not trying to complain, in fact I love their service. I just wish they would get their act together and step up their game. Lately I’ve been using Google blog search more frequently than Technorati only because it always just works and I can get exactly what I need quickly.

Technorati is in a unique position, however, because we all have given the site so much great data and background of our blogs personally, not simply robots indexing our sites. There are so many creative and useful ways Technorati could be presenting that data and information in directories, search tools and trend tools for us all to use and benefit from.

Let’s hope the future incantations of the site address these issues and once again becomes the ultimate blogging resource for bloggers and readers. If not, the space may be open for a new player.