It Takes Time…

It takes time to:

  • Create a consistently popular web destination
  • Create a marketing campaign that sticks
  • Build a brand on the web
  • Build trust on the web
  • Break through the clutter
  • Build subscribers
  • Increase your sales
  • Come up with clever ways to drive traffic
  • Build your reputation as a blogger, a marketer, an artist, an online retailer
  • Become an influencer
  • Standout as something more than just the hot site of the minute

Actually, it takes more than time. It takes dedication, perseverance and passion. It takes a huge commitment, one more than most realize before diving in.

You may be interested in only some of these things, but none will be handed to you easily. In a world where literally millions are competing to have their voice heard, only the ones who are authentic and spend time will.

If you’re truly dedicated results will come, but you have to be willing to commit the time necessary to achieve them. While there is this feeling that the web is always in a hurry and you have to be first to the table, it also pays to slow down, plan things and focus. Ultimately the people doing that will come out on top.

Yes, showing up first is nice, but the people who show up prepared win.