How to Get Literally Everyone’s Attention on the Internet

The title got yours, didn’t it? Did you expect to find a silver bullet here? Sorry to disappoint you, but hopefully it made a point.

An attention-grabbing headline is everything. Whether it is something completely original and novel, ultra-specific and geared towards a niche, or just incredibly compelling, good headlines on the Web always win.

If you’re a blogger, even if you have 10,000 subscribers, your content may be in a sea of 100’s of headlines inside someone’s RSS reader. Building up quality content and your reputation is a sure way to ensure that most of those readers click through to all (or most) of your articles.

But what if you don’t have that kind of base? Certainly, adding useful, compelling content frequently will slowly build it, but using great headlines (and yes, even once in awhile ‘click me’ headlines like what I used in this thread) are a great way to bring attention to what you’re doing.

Throwing some ‘must click’ type stuff out there is a fun way to draw attention once in awhile – just don’t overuse it, and be sure that your content is good and will ultimately lead to your desired conversion and not a just a click onto the next thing.