The Daily Print Newspaper: A Dying Breed

The New York Times is reporting that a daily print newspaper in Madison, Wis. is moving to an almost purely online format.

They are pretty smart – clearly this is the trend. In a digital world, print newspapers are becoming already irrelevant. They say the future is here now, just in isolated pockets. I’ve seen it, and it is RSS and syndication via any and every device with an internet connection. It is so efficient and so much better the world won’t be able to deny it. Thumbing through a bulky, print newspaper is outdated. And, not a single one of my peers (we’re all around 25) even receives print newspapers.

The masses haven’t caught on yet, but it is coming.

I’m sorry, I know a lot of you enjoy reading your news in print, but once newspapers realize the revenue they can tap into online, they will all phase out their print counterparts. Plus newspapers are large, cumbersome, and a giant waste of paper and resources. When you can get just specific news you want that purely interests you, why waste your time with superfluous content that may or may not be relevant to you. Also, print ads can never touch the accuracy of online ads.

Perhaps they won’t be entirely phased out all at once, as many are afraid of change. In the beginning, they may reduce to only having a weekend edition delivered.

You can argue with me but I stand by that in the future newspapers will be entirely digital operations with minimal, if any print. The whole idea of having someone hand-deliver a paper newspaper to your door every morning is already a bit antiquated when you get that news instantly through the web, isn’t it?

Think about it: in a digital world, by the time you get a print newspaper, it isn’t even news anymore.

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