If You Can Blog, You Can Write Music

Music and spreading ideas are both democratized
Just as the web has democratized the tools necessary to spread ideas, software has democratized the ability to write, remix and produce your own music. Programs like Ableton Live have turned the creative process of composing music into something relatively straightforward for anyone with a decently powered computer and some imagination.

Many of you are already aware that in addition to keeping this marketing blog, I compose and remix electronic music (you can get a free copy of my new artist album, “Lifeforce” here).

Today, while listening to some music on the way home from the office, I got to thinking about how my two passions when not working at the firm (music and blogging) are so closely related in terms of skills used. I do believe that anyone with enough passion for blogging could potentially also write music, and vice versa.

Similar basic drives necessary
The skill-set for blogging and creating music have some striking similarities. The basics (for both) are you must be driven, original and you absolutely have to have passion to create something that is compelling and interesting.

Creativity and a constant stream of new ideas
Blogging and writing music are both extremely similar as each are constantly works-in-progress and probably will be throughout life. I do experience a good degree of satisfaction after completing a song or album (just as I do with a post), however very shortly after I am already brainstorming new ideas.

Writers block
I’ve hit writers block for both blogging and music, and found similar solutions for each – seeking inspiration in other people’s work, creating lists of ideas mentally, writing down thoughts throughout the day, etc. Check out my post on 10 tips to recharge your creativity that may help you cure writers block for both creating music and blogging.

Tons of competition
Blogging and writing music are both extremely popular hobbies (and professions). There are literally hundreds of thousands of people doing both. There are, however, inauthentic people in both fields who are only in it for money or the fame. And, there are passionate people who are doing it for intrinsic reasons and because it’s their passion. In both blogging and writing music, it is obvious who is more genuine and producing the best content and who purely has fluff appeal

Must be both content creator and marketer
In the world of blogging and music, creative marketing is one of the keys to success to spread your messages and music. Social media and artists are a natural fit just like bloggers and social media are a natural fit. Bloggers and independent musicians also must be adept marketers for success. Additionally, the marketing must be built in to both blog content and music.

Standing out from the crowd is vital
Yes, both blogging and music are extremely popular, oversaturated niches. But that means that the bloggers and musicians who stand out can see huge success. These two mediums of expression have so much interest and so many people participating as creators and consumers, unique content always spreads. If you’re a blogger or musician and are truly original, innovative and standout, you can have a great chance of success – especially if you develop a strong following. Even if that following is small in the beginning, if they are truly fans of what you’re doing they will help spread the word for you in a big way.

Results and success take time
Just like you must put in a strong effort building up blog content to make a splash online and breakthrough into search, you also have to put in years of effort refining your music-making skills to become proficient. For both blogging and writing music, the journey of learning, refining your skills, and experimenting is equally as rewarding as the final product.

You must hold tight, it will only get easier – as Daniel Scocco wisely advises about blogging. The same is true for music. I find I hit new plateaus with each passing month, and each album and song flows from my mind into music smoother.

Yes, blogging and writing music aren’t the same thing and do involve some different abilities, however I believe that the motivation factors and underlying drive necessary for success in each are extremely similar. I think that a blogger who is truly passionate about music can write it, and a musician who was truly passionate about blogging can be a success in the blogosphere.