A Powerful Strategy: Focus On Making Others Popular

A tremendous amount of people online are all chasing the same thing: popularity. They want more readers, viewers, subscribers and visitors to their website, blog, e-zine or whatever it is they are producing.

What most don’t have is just that, popularity. Although great content does want to be shared and spread around, much of it goes undiscovered. Like a needle in an incomprehensibly large haystack, many are just waiting for someone to have their content be felt. This presents a huge opportunity to you: find a way to make them popular.

Popularity online is a funny thing, some things are popular simply because they are popular, and that popularity feeds into greater popularity (large YouTube numbers are viral elements in themselves). However, not all popular content is good (and not all good content is popular).

The attention span of people on the Internet is short, and organic popularity happens in varying bursts that spread at varying velocity and over extended periods of time. So, if you can put someone or their content at the center of attention right now for 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, or even a million people, you’ll have something ultra-compelling to offer them. Exposure that gets them leaps and bounds above what they are already getting, or even a new kind of strategy that adds small, but sustained amounts of traffic, will be met favorably.

If you do find a way to draw visitors and attention to someone, they will be happy to be a part of whatever it is you’re doing on the web – whether it’s launching a new product, service or social network, building a new group or email list or simply working on brand visibility. If you can integrate a component that sends someone real, genuine traffic, visitors and attention, you will most likely succeed in a big way. Not only will your results be visible and others want to be a part of your project, but people will actively talk about what you’re doing and share it with friends.

Eric at Marketing.fm is executing this with perfection – he has created a marketing and advertising channel on Feedburner and today invited myself as well as some other bloggers in the marketing/advertising niche to join (see the widget on the right hand side of my page). Eric is smart and had a preexisting, positive relationship with me, and thus I was happy to join his network. However, even if he didn’t have this relationship with me, I probably would have joined the network as he is helping promote my content in a new way. It’s targeted, and it works for reaching out to a fellow blogger who is interested in a totally niche audience and not a mass, general audience.

Darren Rowse at ProBlogger is another example of someone who understands this concept. He does this extremely well through his blog reviews – to the benefit of his readers, the owner of the blog being reviewed and himself (check out one here).

This strategy can work for so many different areas, from content creators looking to build up their name in a niche to web developers looking to generate buzz like Mahalo. Making others popular is a powerful strategy if you can package it in the right way and offer those people real, tangible results. Tons of imaginative directions you could go with this one – definitely an area you’ll want to experiment and get creative.