Every Blogger Is A Marketer

There are virtually millions of pieces of content someone can choose to view at any given time. They can flip through the 500+ channels of TV, meander through the seemingly infinite pages on the blogosphere, or even sit down with a book (yes, people still do that).

So it’s amazing that many personal publishers actually see the kind of traffic they do. But at the same time it’s not. It’s not, because these personal publishers have something ultra-compelling to say. And they say it with passion, authority, and meaning. They add serious value to the lives of their readers, so much that their audience shares the content with their friends, and their friends share with their friends, etc.

What’s happening here is content is their product, and it markets itself. It is ‘must share’ content. It’s spreading, because it’s a different and novel kind of content and it is honest, valuable and trusted. Content from a personal viewpoint by someone with a proven reputation is, to many people, just as valuable as content from an organization or from a brand. In essence, that person is the brand itself. It’s a paradigm shift from the organizations our parents are used to consuming content from.

So, every blogger is a marketer because every piece of content they create is the product, which in itself must have the marketing built-in. If this is done right, your readers will also market and promote your content for you.

Marketing your content through external means such as advertising or PR is fine, but unfortunately this will only get you finite results if the message isn’t so good that it spreads on its own. This is also true for physical products. What if instead of worrying about how you might promote something, the promotion was built-in?

Do you think Apple’s marketing people had to do much to make the iPhone spread? They had to do next to nothing, the product told the story and it spread itself, person to person, regardless of where an advertising or PR placements may have been. Everyone knew about it, and more importantly had even talked about it prior to the launch. A much more effective and a deeper connection to the product was forged, everyone was buzzing, and this was still months before the product hit the shelves.

Ask yourself before creating any piece of content (or any product), what makes this truly and uniquely special and compelling? If you can’t list at least a few reasons, it’s probably not worth developing in the first place. In a world with information overload, we’re trained to filter out all the mundane stuff. You need to think like a marketer when you’re developing content and only create what is going to resonate with the fans of your brand (and attract new ones).