100 Shared Viewpoints, Commonalities And Experiences Of Bloggers

The blogosphere is filled with blogs on topics of any and all variety – from the obscure to the mainstream, from the unique to the avant-garde, there’s something for everyone.

Subjects range from gardening, to sustainable design, to politics to electronic music to hilarious cat photos and everything between. If there is a passion on the planet, you can bet someone is blogging about it.

Personal publishing offers the most efficient tool the world has ever seen for individuals to spread their ideas, viewpoints and interests and start deep discussions. It’s no wonder it has caught on so quickly and effectively.

I spend a great deal of my time not only blogging, but also reading and enjoying other people’s blogs. While the blogosphere is so extremely diverse a place, there are some shared viewpoints and experiences that many avid bloggers have in common. Thought it’d be fun to make a list of 100 of these commonalities among bloggers.


1. Love to share content with the world

2. Find pleasure in expressing their thoughts

3. Enjoy the new, the fresh and the unexpected

4. Are always up for a debate

5. Spend their free time actively thinking of things to share with the world

6. Aren’t afraid of what others will think of their viewpoint

7. Are far more self-expressive than the average person

8. Hold businesses and politicians accountable for their actions

9. Have all suffered writers block at one point or another

10. Are creative, inspired people

11. Feel empowered

12. Draw pleasure from deep interaction and conversation

13. Are the most passionate people in whatever subject they blog about

14. Have something relevant and interesting to say

15. Don’t consider mainstream media a reliable source of information

16. Are deeply influencing their niche

17. Love their audiences and want to help them succeed and be informed

18. Are willing to have a conversation with you

19. Will help the little guy

20. Want information to be accessible and free

21. Feel as if society could do better

22. Have a strong purpose in life

23. Write what moves them emotionally

24. Rapidly share other sources of information they find relevant on their topic

25. Are publishing for passion, not money

26. Are early adapters

27. Are trendsetters

28. Will write first and worry about proofreading later

29. Want to be heard

30. Engaged in healthy competition with each other

31. Are authentic people

32. Have unending material at social events

33. Read other blogs

34. Are strong writers

35. Are smarter than the average bear

36. Are insightful people

37. Want to change the world

38. Have thought about writing a book

39. Are geeks at heart

40. See writing and expression as pleasure

41. Probably aced all their essays in school

42. Would make all their old English teachers proud

43. Have been misunderstood by people outside their community

44. Have had to explain to someone (a co-worker, a parent, a partner) what blogs are

45. Have cooked a recipe they found online

46. Want to help the environment

47. Have a day job

48. Thought about blogging full-time

49. Use social networks

50. Watch significantly less TV than the average person

51. Read books

52. Analyze their life

53. Have written personal details about their life for the world to see

54. Used examples from their life to prove a point

55. Used parody or humor to make a point

56. Deleted countless spam comments

57. Received spam emails from marketers that were junked

58. Received creative emails from marketers that actually resonated with them

59. Wouldn’t let someone ‘buy out’ their blog and subscriber base

60. Follow a plethora of content in RSS

61. Have sourced Wikipedia

62. Used linkbaiting (consciously or unconsciously)

63. Have a basic knowledge of HTML and PHP, and MySql

64. Post on message forums

65. Spend a good deal of their lives online

66. Aren’t writing for everyone

67. Are sometimes misunderstood in their physical lives

68. Know better than to forward chain letters that are on Snopes

69. Have fixed a computer for a friend/parent/relative/co-worker

70. Have been asked by someone else to help them setup a blog (and done it)

71. Given advice about blogging

72. Spent a rainy night inspired to write great content for their blog

73. Have had a great idea for a post in the shower

74. Have had a great idea for a post and then forgotten about it

75. Keep a notepad to jot down posts so they won’t forget them

76. First thought after hearing news or reading an article is ‘would my readers like this?’

77. Have made new web-friends through their blog

78. Have met someone else with a blog in person, which led to a great conversation

79. Have posted something controversial

80. Dare to think differently than their peers

81. Have heard the phrase ‘code is poetry’

82. Created a top-10 type list

83. Have respect for other bloggers

84. Are exceptional at networking on the web

85. Are social media mavens

86. Can spot a spam website a mile away

87. Shop online

88. Know all about The Long Tail

89. Are educated

90. Want to make society better

91. Would have been ham radio operators or had a personal newsletter if in a previous generation

92. Are the most vocal promoters of an open and neutral Internet

93. Will post about a negative experience at a restaurant, hotel, movie, etc.

94. Will post about a glowing experience at a restaurant, hotel, movie, etc.

95. Have spent hours browsing blog themes

96. Seen a mainstream media story on blogging that made them cringe

97. Taken a camera-phone picture of something and posted it to their blog

98. Have thought about their blog while on vacation

99. Have taken pictures for their blog on vacation

100. Felt freedom by having an expressive outlet to the world.

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