Old Vs. New

credit: xkcd.com

The status quo is constantly in flux due to changing trends, technology, and generational preferences. A big part of your job as a marketer, a blogger, or web guy is certainly to stay at the edge. You’re most likely someone who is pushing the old out and helping bring in the new. Thought it’d be fun to have a quick rundown of the old vs. the new, similar to my active vs. passive post.

Old Vs New:

Old: The paper boy | New: RSS

Old: Yellow Pages | New: Google

Old: Tower Records | New: iTunes

Old: Gas Guzzlers | New: Hybrids and Electric

Old: Media Gatekeepers | New: Digg

Old: Kids gossiping on the phone | New: Twittering

Old: Interruption Advertising | New: Permission Marketing

Old: Superimposed | New: Photoshopped

Old: Personal portfolios and resumes | New: Personal blogs and branding

Old: Flirting | New: Poking (okay, if you’re not on Facebook, that one sounds bad…just trust me)

Old: Print Media | New: Blogs

Old: Barnes and Noble | New: Amazon

Old: RIAA, MPAA | New: Creative Commons

Old: Internet Explorer | New: Firefox

Old: Print ads | New: AdWords

Old: Disco | New: Electronica

Old: Dungeons and Dragons | New: World of Warcraft

Old: MTV | New: MySpace

Old: Print Catalogs | New: email marketing

Old: Television | New: YouTube and User Generated Content

Old: Passive, quiet consumers | New: Active, vocal consumers

Old: Mass Media | New: Niche Media

Old: Foxtrot | New: XKCD

Old: Telemarketing | New: Spam

Old: Get rich quick | New: Get rich slow

Old: Driven by money | New: Driven by passion

Old: Best Buy | New: NewEgg.com

Old: Encyclopedia Britannica | New: Wikipedia

Old: I’ll look it up | New: I’ll Google it

Old: Blockbuster | New: Netflix

Old: Photo albums | New: Flickr

Old: Maps | New: GPS

Old: Walkmans | New: iPods

Old: Classifieds | New: Craigslist

Old: Paying for content | New: Ad-supported content

Old: Influencers matter | New: Individuals matter

Old: Pen pals | New: Facebook friends

Old: Reading news | New: Sharing news

Old: Expensive music studios | New: Ableton Live

Old: Superfluous | New: Minimal

Old: AM/FM | New: Podcasts, mp3 Mixes, Streaming Audio, Satellite Radio

Old: Newspaper monopoly | New: Everyone is a journalist

Feel free to add some of your own…