The Ultimate Blog List: 101 Essential Online Marketing, Blog Tips, Make Money Online, And SEO Links

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There are a ton of people out there trying to sell you information on the “secrets” to marketing on the web, making money online, essential blogging tips, etc.

Here’s the real secret: there is no one book, guide, or formula that will guarantee success for you. Teaching yourself, experimenting, looking at trends, and basically diving right in and learning as you go is by far the best way to unlock the power of the web for money, marketing, readers, influence or whatever you want (let’s hope it’s something positive).

The information on how to achieve success is actually 100% free, and in fact most of the free stuff is far, far better and the writers are even more passionate and knowledgeable about the materials than the sites trying to sell you the info.

Today I thought I’d do a bit of personal aggregation for you and put together a list of 101 absolutely fantastic blogs you will find extremely useful in one easy place. I have linked to some of these blogs previously, but I wanted to put together an inclusive master list.

These are all on SEO/SEM, online marketing, making money online, blogging, or some hybrid of these subjects – essentially if you like the content on this site, you’ll also dig this content. No spam sites or dead blogs on this list, I promise – all useful sites.

Feel free to browse at your leisure, you may already subscribe to some of these, but hopefully I will help you discover some new ones today. I’ve greatly benefited from much of these writers, and so can you. Hope ya dig.

In no particular order.

101 Essential Online Marketing, Blog Tips, Make Money Online, And SEO Blogs:

1) TopRank Blog – All about the intersection of search engine & social media marketing, optimization and online public relations.

2) Shoe String Branding – Branding for independent professionals

3) Marketing FM – Frequency of change marketing blog

4) Techno//MarketerMatt Dickman on emerging media, marketing, PR and everything in between

5) Daily Blog Tips – A place where you will find simple yet effective tips to improve your blog.

6) Read Write Web – A popular weblog that provides Web Technology news, reviews and analysis.

7) Aurelius TjinViral marketing and email marketing enthusiast.

8) Duct Tape MarketingDigital technology coach, award winning social media publisher and author.

9) ProBlogger – Essential blogging tips.

10) DoshDosh – Helping you make money online.

11) The Long Tail – A public dairy on themes around the book.

12) Seth’s BlogSeth Godin’s riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideas spread.

13) SkellieWag – Skelliewag is about creating content your site’s visitors will fall in love with.

14) Micro PersuasionSteve Rubel explores technology trends and their impact on culture, media and digital marketing.

15) ShoeMoney – Skills to pay the bills

16) Logic + Emotion – Logic+Emotion exists at the intersection of business + experience design—where passive consumers become active participants.

17) Wikinomics – Exploring the cutting edge of mass collaboration with Don Tapscott, Anthony Williams, and the rest of the New Paradigm team.

18) John Cow – Make money online.

19) Buzz Machine – Jeff Jarvis blogs about media and news at

20) How To Change The WorldA practical blog for impractical people.

21) Search Engine Land – Must read news about search engines and search marketing.

22) Pronet Advertising – Personal experiences in successful social media marketing.

23) CopyBlogger – Copywriting tips for online marketing success from Copyblogger

24) Search Round Table – The pulse of the search marketing community

25) Mashable – Social networking news.

26) SEOmoz – Search engine marketing news and tips.

27) AdRants – Marketing and advertising new with attitude.

28) Search Engine Watch – News and tips about search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), and searching the Web.

29) PR 2.0 – Shaping the convergence of social media, PR, web marketing and technology.

30) Niche Marketing – Blog Search Engine Performance, WordPress, Niche Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Tips and Social Media with Original Opinion and Loads of Attitude.

31) PSFK – Trends and ideas to inspire change.

32) The Technium – From the founding editor of Wired, a series of posts, with public comments, on the future of science, technology, and society.

33) Successful Blog – Thinking, writing business ideas

34) A Clear EyeOn customers, brands and marketplace success.

35) Blog Maverick – Mark Cuban on technology, blogging, new media, business, etc.

36) Romow – Internet marketing center and directory

37) Shotgun Marketing BlogRants & raves, commentary, and a fresh outlook about today’s marketing landscape from marketing speaker Chris Houchens.

38) Carl Ocab – Another make money online blog – written by a 13 year old (he’s actually now 14).

39) Diva Marketing Blog – An approach to marketing that’s fun, bold and savvy.

40) Instigator Blog – All about instigating discussion, ideas and better business. Focused on entrepreneurship, small business, marketing and technology, with a heavy dose of humor.

41) Marketing Profs – Daily news, opinion and commentary from the sharpest minds in marketing.

42) What’s Next Blog – Internet marketing strategy, social media trends, news and commentary.

43) JenSense – Making sense of contextual advertising. An authority source of information for both publishers and advertisers using contextual and behavioral advertising.

44) Darren Barefoot – The personal weblog of Darren Barefoot, concerned with technology, pop culture, marketing and PR, science and whatever floats Darren’s boat.

45) ChrisG – Blogging, marketing and new media news and strategies.

46) eMoms at Home – A blog for starting, running and succeeding in your home based business. Topics include business tips, motivation & productivity, success thinking & personal development, work life balance, and technology & blogging.

47) SEO by the SEA – William Slawski muses on the inner workings of search engines, probes related patents and passes on other news of interest to webmasters. Clever site name too.

48) Drew’s Marketing Minute – Random musings, ideas, and tips about marketing and branding in the world today.

49) Courtney Tuttle – I help bloggers to earn more money! We discuss tips and techniques that help users to learn more about internet marketing and website/blog promotion.

50) Mr. Gary Lee. – Tips on Marketing your Website along with other quirky Internet News.

51) Business Pundit – One of the first business bloggers in the blogosphere. Co-founder of the Carnival of the Capitalists. Thoughts on business by an entrepreneur, manager, small business owner.

52) Net Business Blog – A blog focused on helping users increase their online income through domaining, SEM, affiliate marketing, web design, blogging, forums, and more.

53) Jaffe Juice – Uncensored and uninhibited dialogue on the subjects of new marketing, advertising and creativity.

54) ToddAnd – Really, all you need to know about ToddAnd is that he’s passionate about marketing, media and PR.

55) Deep Jive Interests – An (almost) daily blog with news and commentary on a wide variety of interests — from the emerging web2.0, blogging, wordpress installations and quirks, portable applications, web design, entrepreneurship, and more.

56) Who Is Andrew Wee – Blogging, affiliate marketing, social traffic generation

57) Digital Media Wire – A daily briefing of the most important news stories about the business of digital media & entertainment.

58) The Viral Garden – Mack Collier blogs about how companies can use social media to share control of its marketing message with its community of customers.

59) MSDanielle – Writing about what I know and love: online marketing, blogging trials and errors, good food and music, and Binky.

60) Ryan Shamus – is the personal blog of Ryan Shamus who is devoted to helping others make money, get motivated, and quit their day jobs. Updated daily with fresh, fun to read content.

61) Twist Image – Marketing, advertising and communications insights with a focus on digital marketing, brand democratization, social media and everything next.

62) Small Business Branding – A multi-author blog magazine about small business marketing and branding. Learn how to better market and brand your small business by hearing about the experiences from other small business owners like you.

63) Chris Webb – Primarily, this blog is a collection of my thoughts on the changing world of publishing and the impact of the Internet, and disruptive technologies such as “social media” on the more traditional approaches to print and online publishing.

64) Steve Pavlina – Personal development for smart people.

65) Marketing Shift – Online Marketing Blog, Now With More Data.

66) RexBlog – Meditations and musings on marketing, magazines, new media and life since August, 2000.

67) Essential Keystrokes – Tips, tools, reviews and commentary on web design, marketing, blogging, new media and related topics.

68) 10e20 – A blog offering a unique perspective on SEO, social media marketing, design, programming and being successful in today’s new media world.

69) ClikZ – Internet marketing solutions for marketers.

70) BlogStorm – Search Engine Optimisation & Internet Marketing Blog.

71) The Buzz Bin – The Buzz Bin offers readers musings and analysis on marketing, buzz, PR and Washington, DC from the team at Livingston Communications.

72) Influential Marketing Blog – Reflections on creating compelling marketing, advertising and PR strategy.

73) This is going to be BIG – A blog about Product Management, digital expression, marketing, branding, and MeVertising. The Mets, kayaking, and Brooklyn, too.

74) Marketing Sherpa – Blog of Marketing Sherpa, a research firm specializing in tracking what works in all aspects of marketing.

75) Presentation Zen – Professional presentation design.

76) Designers who blog – A Design blog for designers, writers, photographers, marketeers, etc, who blog.

77) Beyond Madison Avenue – Pop culture and advertising at it’s best.

78) Brand Noise – Ideas and insights for brand planners.

79) Marketing Over Coffee – Business/marketing podcasts

80) Servant of Chaos Branding, creativity and the importance of a good story.

81) Marketing Nirvana – It’s all about marketing in a world of social networking.

82) Media Hunter – Media and marketing in the hunter region

83) Brand Builder – Helping brands fine-tune.

84) NextUp – Customer Experience, Marketing, Innovation, Conversations.

85) Every Dot Connects – Connecting through conversation.

86) Lee Hopkins – Better communications results.

87) Three Minds – Covering digital marketing since 2005.

88) 93 Colors – Thoughts, ideas and creativity from a new marketing company.

89) Calacanis – Jason Calacanis’ blog, (the CEO of, a human powered search engine, was previously the co-founder of Weblogs, Inc. with Brian Alvey, and the GM of Netscape.)

90) Lorell on WordPress – Lorelle on WordPress offers wordpress tips, wordpress help, wordpress news, and help on WordPress Themes, Plugins, resources, WordPress versions, and WordPressMU.

91) Brazen Careerist – Advice at the intersection of work and life

92) Blogger Lounge – A Blog that helps bloggers and entrepreneurs achieve success on the internet and in life with special tips, techniques and strategies.

93) Simplenomics – Dedicated to carrying on the art and science of using common sense when you sell, market and advertise, which was very prevalent before it disappeared from everyday life.

94) Matt Cutts – Gadgets, Google and SEO

95) Web Ink Now – Viral marketing strategies using blogs, news releases, ebooks, and online media.

96) Everybody Go To – Web 2.0, Technology, Internet and more related reading. Plus my own personal Open Source Ideas.

97) Solostream – We design powerful, easy-to-use web publishing platforms – sometimes known as blogs or content management systems – that make it easier for small business owners to connect with their customers, make a name for themselves and earn more money.

98) Nate Whitehill – Strategic Business Blogging and Internet Marketing.

99) Entrepreneurs Journey – Aimed at those interested in Internet business and Blogging.

100) Smart Wealthy Rich – Blog is about Conversational Blogging, Entrepreneurship and Productivity.

101) Graywolf’s SEO Blog – Michael Gray on SEO, social media and blogs.