Too Much Choice

Cold Medicine

I’ve had the flu this week, and today went a local shop to pick up some cold meds. The picture above is the selection that greeted me at the aisle. There’s so much choice, it is staggering when you’re not feeling well and just need something to alleviate your symptoms.

Note that this is a physical product, yet nothing stood out at me in terms of any kind of unique packaging, amazingly better content, etc. You’d think *someone* would attempt to create a product that was thoroughly unique in this space to stand out among the rest.

Now, think of what people going on the web feel like when they see the vast amount of blogs they can subscribe to, products they can purchase, social networks to visit, online vendors, etc. etc. etc.

Think of what stands out online to you – probably sites with the best content, sites with unique layouts or designs, sites with unique services.

Does your site stand out? You should try to make it stand out in some, if not several ways. Otherwise, you’ll end up being like another generic brand of cold medicine on the shelf that gets passed over for whatever is easiest to reach.