Draw Readers From Niches Outside Your Site’s Focus

I previously posted on the importance of niches.  The fact that your blog, website or message board fits within a niche is important, and you should continue to build visitors interested directly in your niche.  Something often forgotten, however, is the strategy of bringing in readers interested in an outside type of content from what you normally write on.

An example of this on my blog is the fact that yestarday’s post bridged two areas of content:  music and viral marketing.  And because it did that, I posted up a few links to some message forums I frequent.  I can do this, because my two passions are music and marketing – so it was not only easy for me to combine them, but I can also offer some deep personal insights in that realm.  You’ll need to find your own ways to do this within two areas you’re interested in.  There are lots of possibilities.

If you normally write on new tech products and you happen to come across an obscure reference to some amazing new technology to help keep your home garden perfect – post about it, it’s absolutely a fit for you.  Then, you can market that post on social networks, message boards, etc. and draw in new readers.  It will be extra compelling, only because they are used to hearing about things from the botany angle and not the tech angle.

People with a passion are always interested in checking out new content, especially if its written by someone else with passion.  Those new visitors may end up loving your other technology posts and quickly become your raving fans.  That’s because they aren’t exposed to 100 tech sites a day – yours might be the first – something brand new and exciting for them.

The power of this is two fold:  you’re reaching new visitors to your site who might not otherwise visit, but even more importantly if that piece of content is good enough, they may actually subscribe or bookmark your site because you’ve opened up the door to interest in a new field.