8 Remarkable Blogs Worth Subscribing To

There are blogs on literally every subject in existence, written by some of the most creative, articulate and driven individuals on the planet. I’d like to take a brief moment and provide mini reviews on 8 bloggers who, day in and day out, provide motivational, inspirational and thought-provoking content.

Before I get into the list, I’d like to point out that it is not easy to come up with content of the quality these people do daily. Even the guys that are blogging full time as their main source of income are challenged to consistently come up with a continuous stream of fresh, compelling content.

Anyway, on to the list (in no particular order):

1) Seth’s Blog – subjects covered: marketing (written by Seth Godin)

Seth’s blog is one of my personal favorite blogs to read. Not only because his ideas are innovative, but he always has such compelling stories to wrap his advice around. His riffs on marketing are unlike anyone else’s in the world. Seth’s posts range from long, sourced narratives that provide great insight, to short, pithy posts that leave you inspired and buzzing. His site design is ultra minimal, and it is proof positive that content matters way more than eye candy. I would say for certain I’m not the only one who looks forward to each new Seth post daily. Plus he’s an incredibly nice guy.

2) ProBlogger – subjects covered: blogging (written by Darren Rowse, features guest posts)

Aussie blogger Darren Rowse, who arguably created the first blog about blogging, has been steadily at it ever since. And not only does he tirelessly churn out useful content to help bloggers, but he even helps up-and-comers by allowing them to write guest posts on his site. He’s come up with some great innovative ideas too, such as his community blog consulting. I think one day he also woke up and thought to himself “hey, I have an incredibly smart group of people here – I can put this hive mind to work on helping others!” And he does so in posts like this, where he brings together the user community to critique blogs and websites in return for visitors. This is just one of many brilliant moves by Darren, others include his video blogging section and his upcoming 6 Figure Blogging workshop 2.0.

3) ZenHabits – subjects covered: motivation and life tips (main writer: Leo Babauta)

ZenHabits is a wonderfully diverse, always uplifting blog which bills itself as “a site dedicated to helping readers achieving goals, productivity, being organized, GTD, motivation, eliminating debt, saving, getting a flat stomach, eating healthy, simplifying, living frugal, parenting, happiness, and successfully implementing good habits.” And he achieves just that. Posts from ZenHabits frequently make page one of Digg, and with good reason – the content is insightful, smart and motivating. Subscribe to this one for sure, no matter what you’re into the advice here is profound.

4) Skelliewag – subjects covered: content creation (written by Skellie)

Content is king online, as we all know, and not many have as resourceful, fresh ideas for creating it as Skellie. Her blog bills itself as: “a site about creating content your site’s visitors will fall in love with. It’s about using simplicity to your advantage. It’s about being innovative, unique, and creating something worth talking about.” I’m a big fan of Skellie (and she has good taste – I was previously using the same blog template as her on this site). Not just bloggers, all writers can benefit from the content here.

5) DoshDosh – subjects covered: making money online (written by Maki)

With a funky name like DoshDosh – you have to expect something unique. And you get that in the form of anime and abstract graphics / art infused with his posts. But more than that, you get top quality content in all genres of making money online, from AdSense tips and hacks to link building and SEO to social media marketing to web traffic building tips. Definitely a wide swath of content, but it is so good everyone who is involved in any type of business on the web – from internet marketers looking to create a buzz to bloggers seeking to make a living off their site – can benefit from Maki’s content.

6) Techno//Marketer – subjects covered: cutting-edge marketing/PR (written by Matt Dickman)

Techno/Marketer is the personal blog of Matt Dickman, Director, Digital Marketing at Fleishman-Hillard in Cleveland, Ohio. His blog is dedicated to emerging media formats and cutting edge technologies and their relationship with PR, marketing and how people communicate online. Matt’s content is always well researched, relevant and interesting. Plus he creates great presentations that really make an impact (like this one). If you’re a marketer or PR person in the digital world, this site is essential reading.

7) Daily Blog Tips – subjects covered: blogging tips and advice (editor: Daniel Scocco)

Daily Blog Tips provides an array of great content for helping bloggers. Daniel helps people support and promote their blogs using creative methods and motivational content, and his site features a regularly updated blogging resources section that is a vital bookmark for anyone with a blog. Also, his unique blogger face-off section is always a fun read, and is an area I’ve discovered many great sites through.

8) TechDirt – subjects covered: compelling, controversial tech-related issues (editor: Mike Masnick)

Mike Masnick along with a few others create the content for Techdirt, arguably one of the most important technology blogs on the Internet. They take a strong, ethical stance on covering the most relevant issues daily that they feel need more exposure, and bring obscure but important facts to light. Tons of great research too with everything they write about.

I had to stop myself at 8, because I am subscribed to so many absolutely fascinating blogs I would be here all night writing about each of them. I’ll definitely make this a recurring topic (blogs that are ‘must reads’) as I love to share passionate, useful and motivational content and there are many more exceptional ones I want to show you. Feel free to share your essential blogs with me as well, I’d love to hear about them.