10 Things All Bloggers Want

Spreading messages successfully and organically throughout the blogosphere is something every PR person dreams of. But before you can even think about devising a way to spread whatever it is you want to spread, you need to understand the motivation behind bloggers first.

Attempting to try to create a buzz in the blogosphere without having a true, deep understanding of the environment is destined for failure, or worse – you could inadvertently create a negative buzz behind what you’re doing (although some would argue that all exposure is good exposure). This is why it is so important that every marketer/PR person should have a blog – you can’t possibly hope to be successful in the blogosphere unless you’re active in it and have an intimate understanding of it.

You should keep these in mind while brainstorming ideas to ignite the blogosphere – the more you can deliver on, the greater chances your idea will have of spreading. The path you take is of course unique for any idea, product, service, website, company, nonprofit, etc. that you want to spread across the blogosphere. Each project needs its own personal, tailored, creative approach. But knowing the motivations behind bloggers is vital to generate the idea.

Anyway, on to the list of 10 things all bloggers want:

1) Readers and subscribers
Bloggers are the most vocal people in the world, (at least with their keyboards) and are without question the influencers of the Internet. They all want more readers and subscribers, even the ones who have many. More readers not only equals additional potential advertising revenue, but perhaps more importantly it increases their sphere of influence in the world.

2) Links
Bloggers love links to their site – especially from highly trafficked web pages. It provides them added visibility, traffic and helps their PageRank and SEO efforts. This is something especially important for up-and-coming bloggers (and less so, but still significant for established bloggers).

3) Authority
Not talking about the Technorati definition of authority here; bloggers want to be defined as the authority in their specific niche. Find a way to help someone further become that authority and they will certainly be grateful.

4) Recognition
Bloggers, like anyone else in the world, like to be recognized for their hard work (it is hard work!). Especially to people pouring their heart and soul into their content, genuine recognition for their site from the people within their industry is something wonderful.

5) Respect
Bloggers want (and deserve) the same respect as traditional journalists. You also need to realize at the same time that they are not traditional journalists. They are blogging 100% on their own agenda, and on whatever they choose, whenever they choose. They also will oust you if you try anything underhanded or manipulative. Inauthentic conversations in this space are always a bad idea. Read my Guide on PR and the Blogosphere to get the full scoop, including tips on how to pitch bloggers.

6) Something new and unique
Bloggers are seekers of the new, offbeat, unique and compelling. If you don’t have something truly fascinating, it probably won’t get very far in this space.

7) Comments and feedback
Hearing responses and feedback from readers in the form of comments or even personal emails is something that is always a great motivator for bloggers. They are all passionate about what they’re writing and will certainly engage you in some great discourse. Get a conversation going with a top blogger in your industry – you’ll be amazed at how much information they have to share, and the unique insights you’ll be provided with.

8) Intelligent messages
Bloggers seek out intelligent, insightful content and things that make both themselves and their readers think, learn and be inspired. Never dumb down a communication to bloggers, and be sure anything you send them is properly researched and documented.

9) Useful, relevant information
Bloggers love to stumble-upon new information, resources or content on their niche. They also desire the most useful, and cutting-edge products.  They’re the early adapters on most things for sure.

10) Something fun, upbeat and creative
Creativity, inspiration and positive news drives bloggers as much as the controversial stuff (which definitely drives them too). Ho-hum news is almost always ignored.

Incorporate as many of these points as possible when trying to permeate the blogosphere on a niche or mass scale and you will have much greater chances of success.