Subscribers And Heavy Users – Your Vital Visitors

To say the Internet is vast is an understatement. It is beyond enormous. Your webpage, blog, online store or social network is but a needle in a haystack of unfathomable size. Now, attracting eyeballs – that’s not even the real challenge (although some may argue it is) – the real challenge is attracting loyal, returning visitors to your site.

Most of the web’s users have fleeting attention-spans. And with a tremendous amount of different people, marketers, publishers and online stores all vying for their attention and a click, that’s pretty understandable. If you’re truly passionate about whatever it is you’re doing online, you’re not simply after that one-time click, your goal is returning users.

Those return visitors, the ones who are your raving fans, the ones who subscribe to your feed, the ones that spread your website to friends, post links to you on their blog, hang on your every word, or wait in anticipation for your new product – these are your most vital visitors.

How exactly do you get these intelligent and all-important fans who are going to help you achieve success?

  • Publish only the most compelling, worthwhile content or products.
  • Really flush out all your ideas before posting them. For many, the web is a scratchpad, but if you are a serious online publisher and want those coveted subscribers, your content must be clean and polished.
  • Take your time and proofread all of your content.
  • Write only on subjects you’re passionate about.
  • Don’t do it for the ad revenue (or you’ll probably never even make any).
  • Write in a positive, motivational, and unique tone of voice.
  • If you’re an online retailer, sell your products in a creative and different way than your competitors.
  • Don’t just blend in and be another clone of whatever your niche is – be remarkable.
  • Network with other websites that are in your vein of content.
  • Pitch your site to trade publications – if they say no on writing a profile of you, offer to write a guest column if they’ll plug your site.

You need to be providing value with every single thing you create. As Seth Godin puts it, the three keys to sustainable web traffic are that your site must be unique, useful and updated. True to the Seth style – concise, relevant and impactful. It’s pretty much as simple as that.

Try to think of the blogs you read daily, the social networks you love, or the online stores which you bookmark. You know when you go to their website, check out their new product or read their new post through RSS that it is going to be compelling. It’s something you look forward to, share with friends, and get excited about.

Think about what makes their content a “must have.” It’s even worth shooting an email to someone you respect that already is popular within a niche and asking them about how they found success. You’d be surprised how much they will share.

A big hit on the front page of Digg is nice, and will attract a lot of new attention to your page. However, slowly building up a high number of subscribers who are your raving fans is perhaps an even more desired strategy, at least for longevity purposes.

They will talkback, comment and register their friends to receive your content. They’ll connect with you and give you that all important feedback you need to help make your site the best it can be. Sure, having people find your website in the first place is important, but retaining them as subscribers is the true measure of success. Be unique, useful and updated; take pride in your work, take your time, and you can achieve success.

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