Poker *Can* Get You Ahead In Life

Wired is running a neat story about Zach Coelius, CEO of Triggit, another Web 2.0 startup that helps bloggers easily add pictures, video and ads.

I haven’t had a chance to try out the service, but that’s not what’s cool here. The real story is how he got in with the right people in Silicon Valley (through poker) and made something of himself. Proves that there is no one way to be successful or get your foot in the door, and even something you never thought would lead you to success just may.

I’m also a bit of a poker fan myself, and can see why Coelius has moved up so quickly. Poker causes you to really analyze people, situations, and odds all within a few seconds and make decisions based on limited information. It’s more than a game of chance or even a way to make some quick money, it’s a way to sharpen your mind in a battle of wits.

I’ve found, in my experience, that many intellectuals are fans of both poker and chess – games which force you to focus completely on them and tune out everything else. They are also both games which require you to analyze your opponent during gameplay to anticipate their next move. These are skills that are transferable to the real world and everyday situations.

Take your learnings from both poker and chess to your real life adversaries, and you’ll see that the skills you have learned in those games provide incredible insight and edge.