Personal Branding and Blogs

The Internet, and the blog platform in particular, have created unprecedented opportunities for personal branding. There exists space for superstars in every industry to deeply carve out their own personalities and passions and display them clearly and articulately.

Marketing professionals, artists, philosophers, photography lovers, tropical fish hobbyists, model airplane aficionados, culinary experts – you get where I’m going with this – anyone who has a passion can express their perspective of it in an attractive and interactive format for like-minded people (and the entire world) to see.

The opportunities for experts to shine and for reputations to be built on a massive scale never seen before in human history are available to anyone.

And the fact is, the cream does rise to the top. Those with the most unique (or most controversial, or most intelligent, or most concise, etc.) viewpoints, those with the strongest passion, those who create the best content, etc., will have the most popular sites, be seen as the font of knowledge on their specific subject, and have the opportunity to spread their ideas and views to millions.

But if you’re just starting – don’t lose hope. There is value in it for people with 20 or 20,000 readers. Even reaching a small audience, it’s still a great platform to speak intimately to those few who really want to listen. That’s how it all starts anyway – if you’re passionate about it, even 20 RSS readers should be enough to spread good words (and links) of your site and get you out there to more people.

Those who are taking advantage of this opportunity get a huge windfall, in the forms of respect in their industry, helping to set trends for the future, positive personal branding, and – completely independent of having a huge readership – just having a blog can be a powerful tool to get your foot in the door somewhere (this guy used his blog as a vehicle to land his dream job).

The power of your own blog for personal branding, building a reputation, spreading your viewpoints, or even just organizing your thoughts can’t be overstated. It’s just one more way you, as an exceptional person, can stand out from the crowd and shine.