Are You Blending In Or Standing Out?

The world is oversaturated with products, services, articles, even ideas.  Unfortunately, this means many products or ideas are lost in the fray of the handful of others.  There’s two ways around this:

1)  Invent:  create a new product, unlike anything else in the market, something revolutionary.

2)  Innovate:  build upon an existing product or idea – but make it better than its current incantation.  Take it to the next logical progression, make it evolutionary.    

If you’re starting a new business and you aren’t inventing something new or innovating in a relevant way on an already successful idea, you’re in for a harsh future.  Innovation is a beautiful thing, however, because it is as simple as taking a good idea and making it better.

Innovation can be as easy as offering a higher level of customer care that your competitors don’t offer, or offering a novel way of distributing a product.  Netflix is a classic example.  The idea of renting movies wasn’t new – Blockbuster was doing this for years.  Netflix realized the potential of using the Internet to offer an infinite supply of movies (no shelves in a digital store) and ship them directly to your home – simple, yet so very effective.  They were different…they were new…they were successful.

If your product or business idea isn’t something that really gets you and your friends jazzed, it is probably something not worth doing, at least in the current way you describe it.  If you and your friends aren’t jazzed, then how will your customers be?  Don’t rely on marketing to save the idea either, it should be a ‘must have’ from square one. 

There are so many people creating everything you can possibly imagine.  You need to stand out to be successful.