8 Tips For Success As A Young Executive

Today I thought I’d share a few tips for success that would help any young executive in any business.   I know that we all hear tons of advice from our elders and from reading but here’s 8 things that I’ve found work extremely well:

1)  Keep a positive attitude.  If you follow the law of attraction, you’ll realize that you only get out of life what you put into it.  If you project success, positivity and confidence, and you go through each task of your day with an upbeat attitude, you’ll find that not only will your work be of superior quality, but that your efforts will be noticed more than if you didn’t project.

2)  Come up with innovative solutions to make things better – even if there is no problem.  What separates the good from the great are those who come up with more efficient and better ways of doing things that improve productivity for everyone.  Don’t wait for there to be a problem before you bring up a solution.  Also, keep your eyes peeled for ways things can be done better, then do them.

3)  Stay on top of the news and trends in your industry.   As someone just starting out in the business world, you should make it a point to know where your industry is headed.  Read trade publications related to your industry, insider blogs, everything you can get your hands on that will give you the bigger picture of what is happening in your specific field of interest.  Your superiors are reading them – you should be too.  Something may even inspire your own new idea that you can apply to your organization.

4)  Be vocal at meetings, contribute (intelligently) as much as possible.  Some junior executives are shy at meetings with their superiors – don’t be this way.  Speak up and make your voice heard.  Don’t just talk to talk, but when you have an idea, say it with confidence and back it up with why you think it will be successful.  It’s how to get noticed time and time again.

5)  Keep a blog or online portfolio of your expertise.  You work hard, you put strong efforts into your projects.  I’m sure along the way you come up with creative ideas that never get used.  Start to document them somewhere, a blog is the perfect platform for this.  It accomplishes two things.  One, as you move forward you’ll have a point of reference for where you were at one point and how much you’ve learned.  Two, it is a wonderful element for any resume, especially if it is professionally done.  If you can’t document ideas directly, building an online portfolio with general accomplishments and background is still something nice to have.  If you can (still) get your name as a domain name – do that ASAP!

6)   Seek the wisdom of your superiors.  They have been where you are.  They are savvy and can help steer you in the right direction.  I’m a huge fan of the master-apprentice relationship.  No matter what industry you are in or what you do, if you aren’t directly learning from someone who has mastered the art of their field, then you’re missing out on a fantastic resource.

7)  Read, read and then read more (books).  There’s statistics out there that say a majority of people never read another book after the completion of school.  That’s scary stuff – you are hopefully not part of those stats.  Read as much as you can about not only your industry, but about society, sociology, psychology, art; everything you read helps make you a more well-rounded person and will benefit you directly and indirectly.  It’s one of the best things you can do to keep your mind sharp and open you to new ideas.  There’s so many different interests/passions out there, and plenty of experts pouring their souls out to share their knowledge with you.  There is no excuse not to benefit from reading, you should be doing it daily.

8)  Have an outside passion.   You love your day job, and that’s fantastic.  But if all you’re doing on your nights/weekends is going out and getting drunk or watching TV, your missing out on half of your life.  Work isn’t everything, and having a passion for something outside of what your profession is will help you grow as a person and probably make you more successful at the day job.  It will also make you passionate about something new and give you something to be excited about.  Web design, cooking, blogging, playing chess, art, writing music — anything that you can put time and your heart into will be a benefit to life.  Your happiness level will most likely go up, and you’ll end up being a better exec for it.